Sunday, 29 April 2012

ootd - Topcopy

Jacket - Vintage Levi, Dress - Primark, Necklace - f21, Shoes - Vans 
Hi everyone :) I wont bore you all with excuses as to why i haven't blogged in a while ! But i have been busy and have some exciting news to share ! I finally passed my driving test !! I haven't got my insurance sorted yet though so sadly my Beatle is still unused :( but not for long hopefully :).
So this is what i wore yesterday just to go visit my nan :) Not so long ago these dresses where everywhere in Topshop but at a price tag of around £20 i just couldn't justify buying it ! But when i seen this copy in Primark for £8 i had to buy it ! The only problem being like everything else you buy in Primark everyone seems to have it ! Fast forward to a very awkward monday morning last week where both me and my friend turned up wearing this dress ! I still love it though ! It goes with a lot of things and is so easy to just through on ! I also wore one of my many new necklaces i picked up from the F21 stores in Singapore ! I just can't get over how cheap their jewellery is ! I think this necklace worked out about £10 where if i where to buy something similar in Topshop it would probably cost around £20. So all in all i wore a pretty cheap outfit this weekend ;)
Have you picked up any bargains lately ?

Monday, 16 April 2012

Home Sweet Home :)

Hey everyone :) sorry its a bit of a belated blog ! For some reason whilst in singapore the wifi i was connected to cut out so i had no internet for the second week. So here are just a few more pics from singapore :) 
My dress and her playsuit - Topshop 
This is me and my cousin one night before we went shopping and dinner :) Love this dress i felt very "Global Traveller" in it :) 

Sadly we did not have chance to visit the building with the boat on top that i mentioned in my last post :( but we did make time for Universal Studios ! Which was amazing ! They have an incredible 3d roller coaster based on the Transformers movies and we went and seen Shrek 4d ! :) This was my favourite part of my holiday :) 

Finally this is a picture of some henna i got done ! A friend we met over there was having some henna done before her baby shower ( which we went to and was soo fun by the way ! ) and asked if i wanted some ! I really loved the design she did for me ! She also used some brand new coloured henna which i had never seen before ! 
Before i left i bought some henna to bring home to practice on myself :) May post a few pics when i get remotely good :) Hope everyone else had a great half term and easter :D