Sunday, 30 October 2011

Fright Night !

So last night i went out for Halloween as planned ! I changed what i was going to wear a bit and opted for my Minnie Mouse dress i wore last year as i felt a bit left out when everyone else had real fancy dress costumes on. I still did my day of the dead make up though. Was a really good night. Hope you had a great weekend too :)

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Here Comes Halloween ! Everybody Scream !

I may not have really made it apparent on this blog but i rarely ever go out ! The last time i had a night out was my birthday which was in march ! So after much persuasion off friends i am going out on saturday for Halloween :)
And yes i am dressing up !
So my i'm thinking i will wear My red lace dress you can see here  with some tights and flat shoes ! As i cannot handle heels !
Here comes the halloween bit ! I plan on painting my face like a day of the dead skull !
Here is a practice run i did

What do you think ? Obviously will be neater on the night :) 

Also getting into the spirit of Halloween i have done Pumpkin Nails 

For some reason they wouldn't photograph very well ! ( spooky ) They look better in real life ! 

What are your plans for Halloween ? 

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Creepy Cravings !

I have wanted a pair of creepers for a while now ! And then i found these and with my recent disney obsession i am now obsessed with getting them ! Hopefully might get them for christmas :) If any one is wondering they are from Lazy Oaf  they also have a Minnie Mouse style T-shirt which would go perfectly with them ! What do you think of them ? 

Thursday, 20 October 2011


Slacking again on the blog front !
Hopefully will be better next week as i am off college for half term woo :D

Today i got my second blog award !
Which is really touching to think that people actually like my blog the way i like others :)

The award is for bloggers with less than 200 followers so here are the blogs i am passing this on to :)

1. The Woollen Mitten  - She awarded me this award but even if she had not i would be passing this on to her ! She is beyond lovely and her blog is one of my favourites with such wonderful posts as "Mittens of the Month" ! She definitely deservers more followers so if you haven't been on her blog before give it a visit :D

2. A Little Less Of Lauren - I really love her blog and admire her will power ! Never a dull post.

3. Teacher in Style  - I wish my teachers had been this stylish ! Wonderful outfits and really cute bunny !

4. Wait Until The Sunset - Only just got this award as she has 192 followers :) Her blog always makes me happy she has the best smile ever !

In other news i have joined the modern world and have created a tumblr !!
Not sure if you are interested !
Only have a few pictures on their right now
My tumblr may contain some things a bit more risk-ay than my blog

If any of you have tumblr add me or leave a link :) xxx

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Dreams do come true !

My Auntie is possibly the biggest bargain hunter in the world ! And after a big rant to her about wanting a Moschino belt ! She found a Moschino bag for £1 !!!!!! Yes a pound ! So i decided i would cut into the strap with the Moschino letters on the bag and make my own belt ! So there it is :D I no its not a big one like most of the Moschino belts but i am happy with it ! Reality is that even if i got a big letter style Moschino belt it will most probably not fit as i only seem to see them in a small or medium so i would have to swap the letters to another belt anyway. So happy ! And i still have a little brown Moschino bag to use !

Saturday, 15 October 2011

ootd - Marmite

Dress - H&M, Jacket & Leggings &Boots - Topshop, Hairband - Primark 
This is what i wore today. It isn't a particularly daring outfit or indeed that special its just thrown together. I just wanted to do an outfit post with my new hair to show how it looks properly ! I also had my eyebrows lightened ! I tried to get it done at a salon but after phoning around nobody wanted to touch me and said they cannot lighten eyebrows ! After freaking out i youtubed eyebrow lightening and alot of girls on there had tutorials using cream bleach ( The stuff women use to bleach their top lip ) So i did that and i think they turned out ok ! My hair seems to be like Marmite ! People either really love it or they hate it and are trying to convince me to dye it ! I like it and after the initial shock of seeing orange hair in the mirror of a morning i am getting used to it. I went to my nans today my toughest critic and she loved it so that has made me want to keep it ! 
Hope you are all having a great weekend ! 
P.s Go see the new Footloose its amazing ! The old one is on tonight aswell on Film4 at 6.55 :) 

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

I Have Been Tangoed !

So i finally dyed my hair ! The thing is my friend bleached it first because my hair was really dark brown and we didn't think it would lift that much ! Well we were wrong my hair went blonde ! And i had bought a bright dye thinking with my hair not lifting as much i would try and get it as ginger as i could ! But with it going blonde my hair is now orange ! I like it but feel i really need to fix my brows ! I must also stress the fact it is still 10 times brighter in real life than the picture ! 
Anyway what do you all think :) ? 

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Cheap & Chic !

I mentioned yesterday i was going to the Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair ! Well as i am a jobless student i convinced me dad to give me some money and whatever i get i would keep for christmas. As soon as i got there i got my hands on a gorgeous oversized Levi's denim jacket which doesn't look as great on photo's so maybe will have to wait for an ootd to post ! I also got a checked shirt and some odd jewellery bits and bobs. Just as i was about to leave ( due to my boyfriends boredom ) I went to have another quick look around and that is when i spotted the most amazing Moschino backpack !! I like so many others out there am in search of a Moschino belt ! But for now i will settle with my backpack :) Devastatingly though the women who sold me the backpack had sold two Moschino belts the week before !! And for only £15 !! 

Here is my bag what do you think ? Don't know how i will hold out till christmas without using it ! Also if anyone who has any tips on where to get a Moschino belt that isn't extremely expensive they would be extremely appreciated :) 

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Playsuit !

Playsuit - Posers, Leggings - Topshop

I mentioned in my last post that i had attended an event for  Fashion Finds and that they owner of the boutique had let me pick an item ! Well here is the playsuit i got ! 
I have always been a bit weary of playsuits as i didn't think i could really pull them off but i think this one looks good :) I love the print ! 
I still can't believe it was only £15 to buy in the shop anyway ! 
Today i am off to the "Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair" Thats being held at Aintree Racecourse :) 
Hope i pick up some bargains ! 
Hope you all have a great weekend !

Monday, 3 October 2011

Posers !

I mentioned in my last post that i am now apart of Fashion Finds . Well this weekend i attended my first assignment for them ! It was to a small boutique in liverpool called Posers. To attend their first birthday celebration ! I must admit that this is not the type of shop i would normally think of going to, mainly as i always think of these types of shops as only doing small sizes. To my surprise Posers went up to a size 14 in nearly all garments and even had a plus size section which i think is really nice to see as you don't often get that in smaller boutiques.The clothes where all really nice a swell with a wide variety from day time casual to dresses for nights out ! They also had a great selection of coats !  Here is just a few of my favourite outfits ! To see the rest you can go on to the Fashion Finds site
Also as a treat for attending the event the owner let me pick something from the shop to keep ! I got the playsuit in the middle picture ! It is really stunning and only retailed at £15 which is amazing ! I wore it today and it was so comfortable as well ! Sadly didn't get a picture today but definitely will next time and will post it !

Here  is a picture of the celebration in full swing ! They made such an effort and even had a DJ in the back as well as catered food and champagne !! 

This is one of the amazing jackets they had ! It had buttons on the front shoulders as well ! It was absolutely gorgeous ! Over all it was a really fun event at a shop i hadn't known about before and i would definitely go back there again ! The staff were really friendly and it had a great atmosphere ! 
Really excited for future Fashion Finds assignments ! :)