Thursday, 20 October 2011


Slacking again on the blog front !
Hopefully will be better next week as i am off college for half term woo :D

Today i got my second blog award !
Which is really touching to think that people actually like my blog the way i like others :)

The award is for bloggers with less than 200 followers so here are the blogs i am passing this on to :)

1. The Woollen Mitten  - She awarded me this award but even if she had not i would be passing this on to her ! She is beyond lovely and her blog is one of my favourites with such wonderful posts as "Mittens of the Month" ! She definitely deservers more followers so if you haven't been on her blog before give it a visit :D

2. A Little Less Of Lauren - I really love her blog and admire her will power ! Never a dull post.

3. Teacher in Style  - I wish my teachers had been this stylish ! Wonderful outfits and really cute bunny !

4. Wait Until The Sunset - Only just got this award as she has 192 followers :) Her blog always makes me happy she has the best smile ever !

In other news i have joined the modern world and have created a tumblr !!
Not sure if you are interested !
Only have a few pictures on their right now
My tumblr may contain some things a bit more risk-ay than my blog

If any of you have tumblr add me or leave a link :) xxx


  1. You are too, too sweet you lovely thing! and what are rules if not to be broken, eh?! thank you so much, it means a lot x :)

  2. Awwwwww thankyou so much Launa!! I love reading your blog too!! (and my orthodontist would adore you for the comment on my smile lol ;). You are so utterly fabulous and I can't wait to read about what adventures you are up to on your college holidays! :)