Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Here Comes Halloween ! Everybody Scream !

I may not have really made it apparent on this blog but i rarely ever go out ! The last time i had a night out was my birthday which was in march ! So after much persuasion off friends i am going out on saturday for Halloween :)
And yes i am dressing up !
So my i'm thinking i will wear My red lace dress you can see here  with some tights and flat shoes ! As i cannot handle heels !
Here comes the halloween bit ! I plan on painting my face like a day of the dead skull !
Here is a practice run i did

What do you think ? Obviously will be neater on the night :) 

Also getting into the spirit of Halloween i have done Pumpkin Nails 

For some reason they wouldn't photograph very well ! ( spooky ) They look better in real life ! 

What are your plans for Halloween ? 


  1. Day of the dead is such a great idea! and that looks pretty damn amazing for a practice run, also I am soo snatching that nail art. Have fun on Saturday lovely! x

  2. Those nails are so cool! And I love the Day of the Dead idea, it's very original :) Have fun on your night out!

  3. Oh, wow!! I can't believe this. You look great. So creative!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. looks awesome! I used to work as a face painter so I love getting my paint on! ;)

    Olivia :) x
    Wait Until The Sunset

  5. Oooh how awesome is that! You look amazing! Im going as some kind of vampire/witch hybrid - not very imaginative but it'll involve a lot of eyemakeup which makes me happy :P