Saturday, 31 March 2012

Greetings From Singapore !

Hi everyone :) I am currently in Singapore on holiday :) Staying with my auntie and cousin ! Today was our second day and we went down to Clarke Quays ( i think i have spelt that right :/ ) where the boats are and we got a water taxi that took us all around the quays it was beautiful ! All the shops and restaurants down there where so colourful ! There was also a Hooters ! We didn't eat there but i did get a top :D After that we headed down to China Town which was full of little side streets full of market stalls and lanterns ! Here are a few pics :) 

This building is a giant boat on top of 3 towers ! It has a garden and pool on the top ! Soo excited to visit here next week ! 
All the colourful shutters and shops :) 
Busy China town Streets ! I love the Lanterns 
Me and my cousin Charlotte in China Town
Me in China Town wearing - Dress - Newlook Inspire, Necklace - Forever 21 (bought over here ) & Bag - Accessorize ( last year )

Will post again soon ! I have lots of exciting things i am doing whilst here including visiting the Zoo, Universal Studios, Water world and also attending my auntie's friends baby shower ! 

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Friday, 16 March 2012

ootd - Birthday Lunch

Dress - Asda , Headband - Primark, Ring - Juicy Couture

Today was my best friends birthday lunch ! It took me ages to decide what to wear as i didn't want to be too dressed up as it was just a lunch but wanted to look a little better than usual as it was for her birthday. So i finally decided on this scarf print dress from Asda which my auntie bought for me ! It is a bargain at only £12 and they also have a top to match which i have treated myself to :) I felt abit naught wearing this dress though as i was saving it for my holiday but it was too nice to resist ! I teamed it with some black tights and my black Topshop shoes which i have showed in numerous posts. I really love this dress as i think it looks really expensive and its a nice length as well. 
I'm still getting used to my short hair but am coming to terms with it slowly :) Just having a tough time wondering how i will wear it when i go out on special occasions, Any advice ?
In other news as well i got my birthday dress from Asos and it just doesn't suit me i think i look like a little girl in it ! So the hunt is on for an outfit for friday ! 

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Goodbye Dipdye !

Dress - Topshop, Hairband - Gift, Hair - New :) 

I have discovered lately i am quite an impulsive person and once i get something into my head i just tend to do it instead of thinking things though ! Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't.
This time i think it did ! Over the last few days i have been thinking about getting my haircut ! I haven't really had any length cut off it in about 6 years and it was starting to feel really ratty. So today i took the plunge and got nearly all my dipdye cut off ! There is still a tiny bit left at the back but you can't really tell ! I got a whopping 10 inches cut off ! I actually really like it ! It'll take a bit of getting used to though :)
What do you think ?

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Birthday Wish list !

Today is exactly 19 days till i am the big 2 0 ! An age i have been dreading turning for the last few years ! I'm not quite sure why and i'm quite aware it's not that old as people keep telling me ! I think its the fact i am leaving my teenage years and when i was little i used to think that at 20 i would have a house or something ! Anyway i have decided instead of dreading the occasion i am going to try and look forward to it ! So here is a very wishful birthday wish list !
Asos Curve - £38
I'm thinking about getting this dress for my birthday night out ! Well its not much of a night out but a meal and drinks with the girls :) I think this will go perfect as i can then take it on holiday ! Which i think i mentioned in a previous post i fly to singapore the day after my birthday :) 

Net a Porter - £90
The new Versace Blackberry case ! I really want this but at £90 for a phone case its a bit unrealistic. Although it would go lovely with my Versace for H&M bits. 

Asos - £89

Summer Creepers ! I really want a pair of these ! I love my minnie mouse ones and i think the light blue would be perfect for summer ! Im thinking dresses and frilly socks ! I hope my birthday money will stretch to a pair :) 

Apparent leaked Leeds Line up 
Last but not least ! A ticket to Leeds Festival ! I have never been to a festival before and i really want to go ! Although i highly doubt i will be able to afford it ! Maybe next year or if somebody wants to donate me one i would be very grateful :)

In other news i got a job today ! Finally ! Working the Kiosks at Liverpool Football Ground ! So i have had a really good week :)
How was your week ?