Monday, 28 November 2011

Back to Black & Monthly Round up :)

Hi everyone ! I have been so busy lately and have not had time to blog but hopefully will make this up this week :) 
So as you all know last month i dyed my hair ginger ! Well the roots where unbearable and as i am a poor student :( I could not afford to keep up with the maintenance ! So i have dyed my hair back black but have had the ends dip dyed turquoise ! Although i was sad to see my ginger hair go i do love my new dip dyed look :) Plus when the turquoise washes out i can choose another colour !
what do you think ?

Also i thought i would do a monthly round up as it is December in a few days !! 

Best Buy - My new gold cross earrings ! Featured in the picture above ! I only got them the other day but have not had them out . They go with everything ! £10 from Urban Outfitters .

Best Tv Show - The Young Apprentice ! I love Alan Sugar and some of the tasks are so fun ! I would love to take part in this show !

Best Of My iTunes - I am still listening to a lot of punk/pop such as Bowling for Soup. With the addition of some of the Lonely Island songs ! They are so funny if you have not heard of them youtube them !

Best Book - Finally bought myself Ghost World ! A graphic novel. I love the film and the book was amazing as well.

Best Film - Twilight Breaking Dawn. As a die hard Potter fan was a little weary watching the new Twilight but it was so good. I am not the biggest fan of Kristen Stewart but she did such a good job in this film.

Best Website - I have become obsessed with tumblr ! Spending hours on here browsing beautiful pictures  :)

Best Moment - Halloween ! I know it was kind of the end of October but its close enough ;) I love Halloween it is my favourite holiday ! I love getting dressed up and scary films !

December Brings - Christmas !!! Cannot wait ! My favourite part of christmas is seeing people open the presents i have bought them ! This year should be really good as well as i am spending it with my nan and aunties :) 

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Tropical Fever !

Today if anybody wasn't aware was the launch of Versace for H&M. Me and my friend Steffi decided to go there really early to Que. and hopefully be the first in ! Well we turned up at about 20 past 6 and the Que. wasn't nearly as big as we thought ! They only allowed 20 people in at a time and each group of 20 had a different coloured wrist band and a certain time slot. Once in there we where then only allowed 10 minutes to shop and could only buy one piece of each item ( so you couldn't buy two sizes of one thing ) We luckily where in the second group of people allowed in :D This is what i got.

Palm Tree Leggings - £24.99

Velvet Bomber Jacket - £69.99

I only had £100 to spend and got both of these for £95 so i think i did quite well ! I only really had my heart set on the leggings but once i seen the jacket i had to have it ! I know they are not everybody's cup of tea but i really like them ! I just have to find things to wear them with now ! Another thing i love about the collection is the theme that runs right through. From the shopping bag to the clothing bags and even down to the wristbands it was all Versace themed.

Wristband, Hangers and Shopping Bag.
Clothing Bag
After the hours queuing and the stress of ten minute shopping i think it was worth it in the end !
What do you think ? Did you get anything from the collection ?

Thursday, 10 November 2011

ootd - I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

Jacket - Primark, Top, Leggings & Boots - Topshop Skirt - H&M
Today was just a chilled out day as i have not been very well lately :( hence me not looking the best on this photograph due to no make up ! I just went to my boyfriends in the night and sat round watching the soaps ( oh how exciting my life is ) Anyway i wore my new leather style jacket from Primark which i got for a bargain £20 and i really love it  ! It goes with so much of my wardrobe. I am considering getting some stud's from eBay and diy'ing it as i can't afford to buy an already studded one ! They are so expensive. 
So i mentioned in my last post that i started my new college project so for a change i thought i would show you some of my work. I found a great picture of a girl from lookbook who was wearing a bleached denim playsuit and the bleached denim reminded me of skinhead style so i did an illustration from it ! Here it is. 
What do you think ? 

Friday, 4 November 2011

Friday Inspiration !

Hi everyone just a little post to let you know i am not dead ! been missing from this for a while. I have a ton of college work lately as we got handed our new assignment which is about androgyny with an underlying theme from a subculture for example punk , goth , victorian etc. I am choosing Skinhead so i am getting lots of inspiration from the new Rihanna video we found love. Which seems very influenced by that style and the film This Is England. So have lots to do on this new project. Will try to keep posting though :)
Also had an interview this week for Topshop so fingers crossed i get it ! Its only a christmas temp job but at least it would be something :)

Hope you all have a great weekend !!