Thursday, 10 November 2011

ootd - I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

Jacket - Primark, Top, Leggings & Boots - Topshop Skirt - H&M
Today was just a chilled out day as i have not been very well lately :( hence me not looking the best on this photograph due to no make up ! I just went to my boyfriends in the night and sat round watching the soaps ( oh how exciting my life is ) Anyway i wore my new leather style jacket from Primark which i got for a bargain £20 and i really love it  ! It goes with so much of my wardrobe. I am considering getting some stud's from eBay and diy'ing it as i can't afford to buy an already studded one ! They are so expensive. 
So i mentioned in my last post that i started my new college project so for a change i thought i would show you some of my work. I found a great picture of a girl from lookbook who was wearing a bleached denim playsuit and the bleached denim reminded me of skinhead style so i did an illustration from it ! Here it is. 
What do you think ? 


  1. Youre very talented!
    Love the skirt, great outfit.

  2. adore your outfit and u`re so cute without make up! ^^d that illustration is fantastic. very talented indeed. ^^v have a great weekend!

  3. i love your outfit....especially the jacket! xxx

  4. Hey hun, I have awarded you a blog award!!

  5. your outfit is gorgeous. Also, that illustration is absolutely fantastic! I wish i could draw! xx

  6. Wow that's stunning Launa, you're very talented!

  7. awesome picture- you are so talented! I'd love to see more! :)

    Olivia :) x
    Wait Until The Sunset