Sunday, 29 July 2012

I Heart It #1

I am an avid We heart it  user ! I literally go on it every day ! For those who don't know what We heart it is it's basically a website where people upload and share pictures, you make an account and can heart those pictures ! So i thought it might be fun to do a weekly post showing my 5 favourite hearts of the week :)

I liked this pictures as i have recently started reading The Hobbit ahead of the film coming out ! I really love it so far ! I would love to live in a hobbit hole ! I think having a round door would be amazing as the view when you open it looks so good ! 

This picture got hearted because i have a mexican fancy dress party coming up in august ! And i am going crazy trying to think of costumes to wear ! I am thinking of going day of the dead themed but i did do that for halloween so i am unsure :/ Can you think of anything else ?

I have already mentioned i loved the new Batman film so when i seen this it really made me giggle ! Not to mention the fact i really wish i had a cat ! I would say about 40% of my hearts are of cats in silly poses :)

This year my boyfriends brother got married ! And then then this month his sister and other brother both got engaged ! Before you think it i am not planning on getting engaged anytime soon ! But when i seen this picture as a giant potter fan i think i can safely say this would be in my top five dream proposals ! 

And last but not least is this photo of some beautiful long blue hair ! I am getting so bored of my hair :/ after cutting off all my colourful dip dye it just feels so boring :( I'm also starting to miss my long hair now ! There is no chance of my getting extensions either as the thought of fake hair attached to my head just kind of freaks me out ! ( I know i'm a massive weirdo ) Considering getting my fringe back though just to change things up a bit :/ 

So there you go.. an insight into some of the things i liked this week. Hopefully these posts will share a little bit more about me with you ! 
If anyone wishes to follow me on We heart it my user name is - launa mckenzie 
And if you have an account and want to share it leave your user name in the comments :) 

Thursday, 26 July 2012

An Amazing Disco-very !

Sorry the picture isn't the best ! 

I am no exception to many who wish to own a pair of American Apparel Disco Pants ! But with a price tag of £70 i could never bring myself to buy them ! Not to mention they wouldn't fit evan if i did ! As an XL according to them is a 14 ! I had lost all hope … Until i found these replica ones from Very ! They come in Black, Navy and Red ! And are only £35 not to mention they go up to a size 20 ! As you can probably guess they are selling quick. Hopefully they might have some left for my next pay day ! I think i'd go for the black as they will go with so many things, But the Navy ones look amazing as well, not quite sure i could pull off red ! 

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Nananana Batman !

I went to see The Dark Knight Rises last night and i must say it definitely lives up the hype ! It was amazing and it was also nice to see a strong female role Anne Hathaway was so good as Catwoman :) In the spirit of batman i thought i would post some of my favourite pieces from the   LazyOaf  Batman collection. I really love everything from the collection but my absolute favourites are the shirts i think they are so unique ! Sadly i think i will just have to dream on about this collection as they carry a price tag a little out of my range at the minute :( I got my pay slip from work today and i have been underpaid… so looks like i will also have to put my tattoo on hold as well.
Have you been to see The Dark Knight yet ? 

Friday, 20 July 2012

Tattoo Taboo ?

I have been wanting a new tattoo for quite a while now and have gone back and forth between a number of idea's. I have finally made a decision and hopefully will be booking in to get it done in the next 3 - 4 weeks ! After having discussions about tattoo's, I have got a few mixed reactions some people are all for them and others think that tattoo's need to have a special meaning and need to be easily hidden, i also came across views of weight which the more i think about it annoys me ! I do it myself all the time i wanted a rib tattoo but in my mind i kept saying you can only have one if your skinny or about a tattoo on my inner bicep but again bingo wings :/ And then again with the one i am proposing now ! ( its the same area / shape as the photo ) Thinking well you cannot see my collar bones will this look stupid ? But i have realised that i am going to be getting this tattoo for myself ! Because the quote i have chosen does have a meaning to me and because overall i love tattoo's and i don't believe that anybody should be put off having a tattoo done on any body part if thats what you really want done you should get it !
So fingers crossed all will go to plan (money wise) and i will have my tattoo done soon :)

What are your views on tattoo's ?

Friday, 13 July 2012

notd - Monochrome Aztec's

Just a quick post to show the nails i did the other day ! I finally got hold of a white nail polish so i decided to have another got at aztec nails. There still a little bit shakey but i am pretty pleased with them :)
I started my job yesterday and so far so good. Its interesting to see what goes behind getting the clothes on the shop floor :)
Hope you have a great weekend !

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

ootd - 80's Flashback

Shirt - Vintage, Leggings - Versace for H&M, Shoes - River Island, Necklace - F21, Headband - Topshop

Today i felt like i had stepped back in time into the 80's with my oversized denim shirt and colourful spandex leggings ! I found this shirt in the bottom of my draw this morning and realised i had never worn it ! After trying it on i remembered why ! I bought this shirt before i got my hair cut and with my haircut i felt that i look a bit boyish with it. But today i decided to conquer my worries and wear it anyway ! I tried to make it a little more girly with my oversized Forever 21 necklace. I actually feel better after wearing it out today and i think i will start wearing all my other shirts again :) 
Also big news ! I finally got a job !! Its in Next working in the stockroom and i start tomorrow :) 
I am very excited as this is my first proper retail job. So wish me luck ! 
I hate first days they are so awkward finding your way around everything. 

Saturday, 7 July 2012

50 Shades Finished !

So i don't usually do reviews on here but with everybody going crazy talking about 50 Shades of Grey i thought i would throw my 2 cents in :).
So i finished the last book last night and i have to say i have fell completely in love with Christian Grey, he is one of the most intriguing characters i have ever read about.
I'm sure you have heard all kinds of things being said about this book such as "mum porn" and people talking
about how shocking it is that women are reading this type of book.
I personally believe that the sexy bits in the book serve a purpose as the whole plot involves a man who's lifestyle involves s&m. They are not there just for the sake of it or to shock people. I also don't think its that shocking that women are reading it ! I mean whats the real difference between this and some Jackie Collins novels ? Just because there is massive hype surrounding this book people seem shocked !
The only criticism i have is that it isn't amazingly written, the author repeats the same phrases over and over again and also the fact that this started at twilight fan fiction so as a fan i can still see certain similarities in the characters and plots. Also the name Mr.Grey is the name of the boss in the cult film Secretary which also involves s&m in the plot. Petty i know but i am a sucker for details and it annoyed me :/
Apart from this though the book is funny, intriguing and completely captures your imagination ! I literally couldn't put them down ! I read the last two in the last two days ! I really hope they do turn this film !
Have you read this book yet ?
Whats your opinion ?

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

ootd - Stripetastic

Dress - Evans , Leggings - Evans , Shoes - Primark 

I know i'm a bit late on the whole Clements Ribeiro for Evans collection ! But i had wanted this dress from when it first came out but with a £55 price tag i just could afford it ! But the other week after trawling shops all day and finding nothing i headed into Evans as it was the last shop i passed on the way to the bus and low and behold there was a gigantic sale ! I immediately thought to this dress but didn't think the collection would have made the sale, Luckily it did ! And for more than half price at £25 so i couldn't resist ! When i got to the till the woman serving me also told me that they had amazing high waisted leggings just gone into the sale for £10 as well so i thought why not with my big saving and got a pair of those too ! I have to say i really love this dress, i wasn't too sure whether it looked a bit too long but after wearing it out i love the length and its super comfy aswell. Not only that its so easy to wear i could dress it up or down. I have to say it's my new favourite dress. 
P.s. Sorry for the lack of ootd's lately my photographer ( aka my boyfriend ) has been working non stop so i haven't seen him really.