Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Change Up !

So i know its abit silly but it's been really annoying my that on my blog header my hair was long and that now it has been cut short i don't look like that anymore :/ So i finally got around to drawing up a new header :) What do you think ?  Here is the Picture before i began editing :)

Also if everyone wouldn't mind just taking one minute and clicking the link here . My little sister is in a competition to meet The Wanted and she is currently 3rd out of millions on entrants and she just needs people to click to get her more points :) Thank you !

Monday, 21 May 2012

ootd - Into The Blue

Jacket - Vintage Levi, Dress - Newlook inspire, Shoes - Vans 

Top Knot Accessory - Topshop

Hi everyone :) So this is an outfit i wore the other day :) I originally bought this dress for my holiday to Singapore and was unsure weather it would just remain a holiday dress or if i would wear it in england. But after seeing is on That's Curvalicious!'s blog ( post here ) I decided to get it out my wardrobe and give it a whirl :) I liked teaming it with my red vans for some reason red and blue together always remind me of Superman or Wonder-woman :) I also wore my new .. well i'm not exactly sure what to call it ! top knot accessory ? Basically it just looks like a bracelet when off and is elasticated to fit around your bun ! I really love it ! I have the matching headband as well :) They have a few of these in Topshop right now. Including a crown with crosses on which i am really lusting over ! 
My friend is also having a tea party to celebrate her birthday which coincides with the Queen's jubilee. I think the dress code is kind of british flag colours ! So i am thinking this but with a white hairband :) 
What do you think ? 
Also what's your opinions on top knot accessories ? ( & do you have a better name for them ? ) 

Friday, 18 May 2012

Topshop Lip Tint

Now this is not something i tend to do on this blog ! I have never really been overly interested in beauty products or make up ! Not to say i don't use them, i do just they don't excite me its more out of necessity than wanting. And out of all beauty products lipsticks are something i never go near ! I always feel silly wearing them ( the few times i have ). But a few weeks ago (actually it was in a singapore Topshop ) i was wondering around whilst my cousin tried clothes on and was looking at the make up. I came across a Sisters of the new moon lip tint ! I didn't really know what a lip tint was, but after reading that it is different on everyone and turns your lips a shade of pink according to the ph balance in your lips i became intriguied. Also it does not look nor feel like a lipstick ! More like a balm. I tried it in the shop and really liked it ! So it has become my first real lipstick purchase and i love it ! I put it on with my normal make up of a morning and then top it up if i feel my lips drying out so i use it more of a balm and it does leave my lips feeling soft. It turns my lips a really nice pale kind of pink which doesn't look over the top but brings just enough colour to notice and isn't too glossy. It is fast becoming my new favourite piece of make up !

Image from this blog as i have lost my packaging and my lipstick is now worn in. 

Before lip tint
After lip tint
Have you ever used a lip tint ?
What other brands are there ? I'm worried as this is a collection it will be discontinued :(

Monday, 14 May 2012

The Wedding !

Hi everyone so here are the pictures from the wedding i attended on friday ! For everyone that read my last post i am happy to announce i went with the peach dress but decided to get a spray tan and change the shoes to stop it washing me out as much ! I did try the lilac one on but it was just as pale and i did love the whole Pretty Woman vibe from the peach :) So here are my photo's :)
Close up of me and my dress :)

All of us :) And the only picture i have of my full outfit ! 

Me and my boyfriend :) who was one of the best men ! (yes there where 2 ! ) 
The loverly wedding cake that my boyfriends mum made ! 

And last but not least the bride and groom ! 

We had such a great time ! A mixture of jagerbombs and shuffling resulted in a very funny night :) 
How was your weekend ?

Sunday, 6 May 2012

I do or do I ?

Both Dorothy Perkins - £32
Hi everyone ! as you may have guessed by the post title this is all about picking a dress for a wedding ! Its my boyfriends brothers wedding and i have had months to get an outfit sorted so naturally its this week and i am still undecided ! I have actually purchased the peach dress ! But am now reconsidering and thinking about swapping it for the lilac ! See my boyfriends mum and sister where both originally wearing purple so although the lilac was my first choice i chose to get the peach so we didn't look a bit silly all sitting together in purple ! But now his sister has swapped her dress and isn't wearing purple … So hence the decision ! Although i do like the peach ( it reminds me of the races dress from pretty woman ) i feel i look a little washed out in it and the lilac might suit my colouring more ! The wedding is friday but as we are travelling up thursday i basically have till then to decide !
Accessory wise i wont really have to change a lot. I have really pretty white floral sandals that will go with either and a cream bag also.
What do you think ?
Do i dare to be a lady in lavender or try and pull off the peach ?