Monday, 14 May 2012

The Wedding !

Hi everyone so here are the pictures from the wedding i attended on friday ! For everyone that read my last post i am happy to announce i went with the peach dress but decided to get a spray tan and change the shoes to stop it washing me out as much ! I did try the lilac one on but it was just as pale and i did love the whole Pretty Woman vibe from the peach :) So here are my photo's :)
Close up of me and my dress :)

All of us :) And the only picture i have of my full outfit ! 

Me and my boyfriend :) who was one of the best men ! (yes there where 2 ! ) 
The loverly wedding cake that my boyfriends mum made ! 

And last but not least the bride and groom ! 

We had such a great time ! A mixture of jagerbombs and shuffling resulted in a very funny night :) 
How was your weekend ?


  1. You look so cute! And that cake is awesome!!
    I'm hosting a £500 competition for Next on my blog
    It would be great if you could enter as it's such a massive prize.

    Sheree xx

  2. You look amazing! I love the dress and the shoes!

    Toni x

  3. you look stunning!

  4. You look lovely! I love your dress :)

  5. definately a great choice with the dress!
    you look so pretty ^^<3
    congratulations to the happy couple too ^^/
    cake *_* <3 gorgeous!
    *jumps into photo and steals the whole bunch* ^^;;

  6. this dress looks great on you love polka dots the are one of my fav prints xx

  7. you look lovely :) thanks for your comment on my blog xx

  8. Aww you look SO beautiful :)
    Replying to your comment left on my blog, the cake moulds were from The Works :)