Sunday, 26 August 2012

I heart it #3

Sorry i haven't been the best blogger this week ! I just seem to be in work all the time and when i'm not in work i am just sitting in the house doing nothing because my boyfriends in work. So i spend all my time in uniforms or pyjamas neither of which i think needs posting on here haha :). I will be better this week as i actually have days out planned ! Anyway here are the things i have been hearting this week !

Evan though i moan about not going out the truth is i am rather a real life Daria i'd rather stay in and watch a movie than go out drinking. (boring i know) Kind of worrying now how that's going to fit in with the whole university lifestyle as am unsure how i am going to fit in if i don't go on all the nights out.

I wasn't completely in love with Miley's hair when i first saw it ! But i think it was more of a shock how blonde she had gone rather than the cut. I'm actually starting to really love it. I feel like i want a drastic change to my hair to though i am unsure what, any ideas ? I will be interested to see how Miley styles it on the red carpet.

Absolutely love this drawing ! it makes me want to get back into my drawing again ! I drew so much in college for our sketchbooks but haven't done any this summer so i really want to get back in to it. 

My dad just came back from America and bought me some American Apparel bows which i really love and have wanted for a while but never got round to buying them ! So will post some pics wearing them soon :)

And lastly a snap from one of my favourite movies Ghost World i have been watching this alot lately ! I just can't help but love the character Enid ! If you haven't seen it it's worth a watch. Also debating weather to buy this Ghost World notebook for uni !

What have you been up to / loving this week ?

Monday, 20 August 2012

Fiesta !

Here is the photo's from my boyfriends sisters fiance's 30th birthday which was Mexican fancy dress ! It was a really good night ! everyone really got into the spirit of the fancy dress ! There was even someone there who had the same idea as me and came representing day of the dead ! which was nice as not too many other people knew what i was supposed to be ! Well here are the pics :) 

My face finished :) 

Me and my boyfriends family before we left

Me and my boyfriend :) 

The birthday boy ! 

Me and Michelle 

Hope you all had a great weekend :)
p.s Sorry i missed another I heart it sunday post but i spent the day chilling out in bed as we didn't get in from the party till after 3 ! 

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Kiwi Nails :)

So here is my first attempt at kiwi nails ! Its not the best but i kinda like it :) I want to try experimenting more with my nail art then just doing leopard print all the time ! don't get me wrong i love leopard print nails but i want to try something else :) I seen some really cute Minnie Mouse ones online the other day so think i will try these out next week !
Tonight i have that Mexican fancy dress to go to ! I settled on day of the dead and am going to wear my Clements Ribeiro for Evans dress seen here as it is the most colourful / Mexican looking piece of clothing i own !
Also want to say a big thank you to everyone who congratulated me on getting into uni ! It means alot ! I am super excited to start now :)

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Ucas Results !

Just a quick one ! I logged into UCAS this morning and i have officially now got my place at MMU :) I will be studying International Fashion Marketing ! Although i won't be moving from home ( for the first year at least ) i am still super excited :) Now i can make a start buying clothes and stationary ! 

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Mini Haul

I have had a really stressful couple of days between working at Next and then working at Liverpool FC on match days and then getting my Btec results ! Having a little bit of trouble with my results :/ ( too complicated to go into ) but fingers crossed i do get into my University course ! So to cure my stress i did what i do best ! Which is shop :) 
So here is what i got ! 
Primark - £8
I have been a bit on the fence about the peplum trend but since i have really wanted something dogtooth lately, i took a chance and tried this on and it has changed my mind ! I really love the leather trim as well :) 

Primark - £10
I have also been searching for the perfect galaxy print as well ! I really wanted leggings but apart from the very pricey Black Milk ones no others have took my fancy so i settled for an oversized tee. I don't think this photograph really does this shirt justice it is really beautiful in real life the front is sheer and it looks really good on. 

Primark - £7

This is my favourite purchase from Primark ! I love the colour and i really love the front panel ! Its the same kind of material that you get on american sports jerseys. They also had this in black which a grey panel but did not have it in my size :( but i am definitely going to check back to see if they get it in ! I think this will go really nice with a leather look skirt i have just ordered. 

Geroge @ Asda - £15
I also got this jumper from asda. I really love it ! Its lightweight and will be easy to layer when it gets colder but is still wearable now while the weather is hit and miss ! It reminds me of something you would see in Topshop but at a fraction of the price ! 

Primark £6
You have probably all seen this necklace by now as it has been doing its rounds on the blog front ! But i do really like it as i'm not sure if i love the neon trend enough to sport clothing in the colours yet :/  so i am trying it out with some accessories first ! I seen on someones blog ( sorry i can't remember who ! If it was your blog leave a comment and i will link ) that they had teamed a neon necklace with snake print and it looked really good so i think i'm going to try that out :) 

Superdrug - £4 ( i think )
I'm no beauty expert but have been wanting some new eyeshadows lately and have seen some reviews on this comparing it to the Urban Decay Naked palette so i decided to try it out ! I'm yet to try it but i do love the look of colours in it ! 
Superdrug - £4ish
Since my whole ginger phase my hair just hasn't recovered yet ! So i have invested in some leave in conditioner with hope that it will help ! I have never tried leave in conditioner so am eager to see how it makes my hair feel ! 

Hope you are all having a better week than me ! 
Have you bought anything nice ? 


Wednesday, 8 August 2012

My New Tattoo !

I was going to wait until it was was completely healed but that is going to be another week or so. So i thought i would just post about it now :) The tattoo i got was a collar bone tattoo and the quote i got was " It's better to burn out than to fade away " I seen it a while ago and had no idea what it was from but it turns out its from quite a few things .. a song by Neil Young, the last line of Kurt Cobain's suicide letter ( hence the Nirvana reference in my last post ) and also from the film Highlander. I know that quote's can be taken different ways by different people but to me this tattoo means that i would rather burn out and fail trying to achieve all my dreams than to not even try and to just let my life fade away ! I really love it and it's my favourite tattoo so far :) So without further ado here are the pics !

The stencil before it was applied

Once the stencil was applied

Straight after it was finished ! 
And this is how it looks now :) 
What do you think ?

Sunday, 5 August 2012

I Heart It #2

I did plan on posting again before today ! But my boyfriends mum and dad have gone on holiday and he had a few days off work ( which is very rare ) so i went to stay at his over the weekend :) So here are some of the pictures i have been hearting this week :)

I couldn't post today without mentioning the beautiful Marilyn Monroe who sadly passed away 50 years ago today ! This is my favourite picture of her back when she was Norma Jean ! ( its actually my computer background as well ) because it shows how just an ordinary girl can become someone so spectacular ! 

And from one lovely lady to another ! I have a massive girl crush on Mila Kunis ! I think she is amazing. Not only is beautiful she can really act ! I went to see Ted on friday and she is great in it ! Although i have to say my favourite film of hers has to be Friends With Benefits :) 

I also went to see Frankie Boyle last night ! And i have to say i have not laughed so much in a long time. He was amazing ! For those of you who don't know Frankie Boyle is an utterly brilliant but highly offensive Scottish comedian ! He is also hysterical on twitter. Follow him with caution on @frankieboyle  :)

I have also been looking for new nail art idea's ! and i really love this one as it reminds me of ice cream :) May give this a go later this week ! 

And last but not least … a hint ! I got my new tattoo done ! As i was unexpectedly paid from work :) I was unsure weather to post a pic yet as i feel i should wait till it has healed properly ! But it in someway has a connection to Nirvana :) but no it is not lyrics ! 

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Winter Wardrobe Wishlist

Shoes - Topshop (here), Scarf - Ebay (here), Coat - River Island (here), Top - Asos (here)
As more and more A/W stuff arrives on the high street i cannot help but get super excited about buying a whole new wardrobe ! Here is a collection of things i already have my eye on ! 

Shoes - With my love of the 90's how could i not love these blue velvet flatforms ! I have seen similar ones elsewhere in dark red which i really love as well but i think the blue would go with more ! I swear since discovering flatforms i hardly wear anything else and these would be a nice addition :) 

Scarf - I have wanted a tartan scarf for a while now and really regret not buying one in the Asos sale last year ! I think tartan is perfect for winter and it always reminds me of christmas.

Coat - I have been wanting a waxed jacket for a while now and have been considering buying a Barbour jacket, but they are just so expensive ! So when i seen this one in River Island i completely fell in love ! I love the fur collar detail as well and for only £55 which even on the high street seems cheap for a waxed jacket i think i will definitely have to get it ! 

Top - I guess i'm going through a check/tartan phase right now and i really love this top ! Am not entirely sure what it would look like on as i end up sending a lot of what i buy from Asos back because it looks different in real life. But i might buy it and see.

Have you started looking for winter yet or are you still thinking about summer ?