Saturday, 15 December 2012

Christmas Day :)

Christmas Day :)

As you can see i have recently discovered  Polyvore ! :) 
I know its a bit early but i am already planning my Christmas Day outfit !
I bought this dress from Asos the other day and i absolutely love it !
It comes in this blue or a nude/light pink which i think is great because if it would have came with a black option i would of immediately picked that ! But the blue is gorgeous and its very different from something i would normally wear !
Evan though i am only sitting in my boyfriends house i have always been bought new fancy clothes for christmas day since i was a little girl so evan though I'm not really doing anything I'm going to dress up a little !
Have you thought about what you will wear christmas day ? or is it only me ! 

Ankle length pants

$23 -

Lip stick

Nail treatment
$10 -

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Primark Nail Beads Review

I picked this up in my local Primark last week after debating over getting the black version or the pink one ! As you can see the black won ! 
I was quite sceptical about this as it was so cheap at only £2.50 thats less than i normally pay for just one nail varnish never mind a nail bead set ! 
In the box you get a black nail varnish, the beads, a little funnel and a little plastic tray which i thought was a great idea ! 
I was really surprised at how simple it was i just painted my nail with two coats of black varnish (which i must say is the thickest and darkest black varnish i have ever used ) and whilst holding my nail over the little tray sprinkled on the beads. They tray caught the stray beads and i just fed them back into the bottle through the funnel ! On the box it says it takes 15 - 20 minutes to dry i would say it took about half an hour before i felt they where secure enough. 
I did this yesterday and can say that quite a few have fallen off since then :/ 
Overall i think this is great for a night out or a special occasion but its just not very practical for day to day wear as I'm constantly digging around my bag and rummaging through draws and thats probably contributed to the beads falling off ! 
But for only £2.50 i can't complain and i would definitely use it again and will probably buy the pink one as well :) 
Have you tried any of these types of manicures ? How did you find them ? 

P.S in other news my Etsy shop is now open :) There is only one item at the mo but stop by and have a look and let me know what you think :) 

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Insta-Update :)

1. This week i went into Liverpool shopping with my auntie who was home from Singapore and the rest of the family. I love that all the christmas decorations are up ! Those reindeers light up in the night as well :) 

2. Whilst out we went for lunch at Jamie Oliver's Italian. I had wild rabbit taglioni which was the first time i had ever had rabbit and it was quite nice. 

3. Getting slightly obsessed with Temple Run ! Me and my boyfriend are having a competition on scores which i can happily say I'm winning :) 

4. Got my boyfriend to buy me this giant cheshire cat from the disney store as one of my christmas presents ! I absolutely love alice in wonderland and the cheshire cat is one of my favourite characters. 

5. Believe it or not this is my first ever purchase from Lush ! After reading so many reviews raving about this product i decided to go try it myself. And i am so glad i did i am in love with this shower gel ! And am definitely going to invest in a lot more before it goes off sale ! 

6. Me and my friend Lauren decided to do halloween presents instead of christmas presents but only got the chance to meet up last week ! She got me this Harry Potter necklace which i must say i haven't took off i love it ! Along with a very creepy blank witchcraft journal which i am too scared to write in ! 

7. I have carried on drawing and have took to doodling on the train ! This was inspired by the movie Moonrise Kingdom .

8. Finally got my collar clips i ordered from Ebay ! ( you can get them here )I really love them ! And got loads of compliments on them which is always a nice thing :) 

9. Another tattoo ! I was unsure weather to do a whole post on this as i don't know if you are interested in my tattoo's ! This is a map of the world across my feet. Its also my 5th tattoo overall ! ( if you are interested on a post about this or all of my tattoos let me know )

This is basically everything i have been up to lately ! I got some lovely nail varnishes as well this week including a Primark version of the caviar manicure which i will review this week :) 

What have you done this week ? 

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Sneak Peak !

I mentioned in my last post i was getting back into drawing. Well for some time i have wanted to start an Etsy shop but have been at a loss as what to sell. After some browsing on Etsy i found people selling  hand painted Russian Dolls and i really loved the idea ! So i ordered a blank set to try out and this is what i decided on ! A Gingerbread family :) I haven't quite finished as they need varnishing but all the art is done ! I really love them. So hopefully i will have an Etsy shop set up within the week :) 

Friday, 2 November 2012

Catch up !

I haven't been the best blogger as of late. I do apologise ! It seems the longer i left it the harder it seemed to start a post ! but here i am posting again :) and for the time i have missed i am doing a little catch up :) 

1. Me trying to get to grips with Instagram and fiddling about with all the filters :) it is quickly becoming my favourite app :) 

2. In the cinema ! I don't know if i have mentioned this on here before but my boyfriend pays for unlimited cinema passes for Cineworld ! Its £15 each a month and you can go as many times as you want. I don't really talk about it a lot on here but i absolutely love films and probably watch at least one a day ! So i really love the cinema. In the last two weeks alone we have been to see Paranormal Activity 4 ( not amazing ), Skyfall ( also not amazing ) and Perks of being a wallflower ( really loved it ).

3. We have this really amazing sweet shop not far from where i live that sells american candy and every now and then we go there and because its been halloween they had Candycorn which is always mentioned on american tv shows and films so i had to buy some and try it out ! It was really nice though i still can't figure out quite what it tastes similar to. 

4. My boyfriends mum runs a cake making business ( and she is really amazing ) and has been wanting business cards for quite a while now so i decided to design some and get them made for her :) I think they turned out really well and she loves them ! 

5. This is truly the most amazing thing ever ! I am a bit of a Star Wars fan ( ridiculously excited at the news of a new film ) and i seen this advent calendar on Firebox where instead of chocolate its Star Wars lego pieces ! i told my boyfriend and he got me it ! he is keeping it at his till the first of December in case i get too tempted and open it all haha.

6. Not the best photo but its of my new black velvet skater dress from Simply Be ! I really love having a shop in Liverpool. I really love this dress because i can make it all christmasy or dress it really witchy which i love ! 

7. Really missing my design lessons from college now as all my university work seems to be essays so i have started drawing again :) not amazing but its something i really love to do ! 

8. Posing again ! Im trying to start wearing lipstick ! Its taken a few goes going out and about in it to make me feel confident wearing it but i really don't mind now ! I used to feel that it made me look really odd but I'm starting to really like it ! Especially the Beguiled Lipstick from Topshop. 

9. Last picture is from mine and my boyfriends date night :) we where both too busy at the start of the month to celebrate our four and a half year anniversary ( yes we celebrate halfs haha ) so we went out to our favourite posh Thai restaurant and splashed out a bit :) He even treated me to a nice champagne cocktail ! 

So hopefully getting back to regular posting from here out :)

Monday, 15 October 2012

Notd - Black, White and Green all over !

Hi everyone ! I have been missing for a little bit now but it's mainly been because i havn't had my camera ! But as of yesterday i now have an iPhone ! Therefore now i also have Instagram :) so i decided to take some pics of my freshly painted nails :)

Feel free to follow me on Instagram my user name is launamckenzie
if you have Instagram leave you user names and i will follow :)

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Life from my BlackBerry

My boyfriends brother has gone to South Africa on a safari holiday and i have lent him my memory card for his camera therefore i am unable to do any outfit or nail posts which i had planned on doing this week therefore i thought it might be fun to post some of the photo's on my phone. Most if not all of these photo's were taken at one point or another in the last few weeks to send to my friend on bbm for opinions.

New tattoo :) i got this today and it is a planet in the shape of saturn but coloured pink and purple it is on my inner ankle. The meaning behind this is i love the Blink 182 cover of the song Another Girl Another Planet and it is quoted in one of my favourite books Junk by Melvin Burgess and i love the idea of every person being their own unique planet.

I went to visit my nan this week and we sat and went through lots of old family photo's and this was one of my favourites of me and my granddad and i took this photo so it is now my phone background :)

This is waffles and marshmallow fluff ! And omg it is amazing ! I have wanted to buy marshmallow fluff for ages but its really expensive as its imported from America but Asda have started selling it for only £2 so i am planning on stocking up ! Its also amazing in hot chocolate :)

I have really wanted levi cut off shorts for a very long time now but i can't find them in more than a size 12 therefore i went ahead and bought some Wrangler jeans from Oxfam online for only £8 and i cut them myself :) I really love them and think they are going to be really nice with chunky jumpers, tights and my Doc Martens for winter.

Hopefully my posts will return to some kind of normal basis soon i'm finding it hard to juggle work and uni and seeing friends and my boyfriend at the moment but hopefully in a week or two i will be more in the swing of things :)
I leave you with the song that inspired my new tatt :)

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

I spent my student loan on… #1

1. Newlook - Sold out online, 2. Simply Be -Here, 3. Dr Martens - Here, 4. Converse - Here.
So today i was paid from next and also got my student loan through ! So the only reasonable thing to do was go on a shopping spree ! Don't worry i haven't gone too crazy i still have enough left to see me through uni :)
But here is a small snippet of what i bought !

1. I have wanted something camouflage for a while now and actually tried this tee on but decided against it in the last minute because i wasn't 100% but after seeing it in the sale for only £4 i couldn't resist ! I think it will look great with my leather look skirt.

2. I have seen these trousers on a few blogs now and i really loved the look of them ! I wasn't too sure about sizing as i have never ordered trousers from Simply Be so i went down to the store and tried them on. I had to get a size bigger than usual but i really love them ! I think i am going to buy a white peplum top to go with them and maybe my leather jacket.

3. I have wanted a new pair of Dr Martens for ages but couldn't bring my self to spend the cash ! But with all the rain i need a decent pair of boots and black never go out of fashion plus the fact Dr Martens are virtually indestructible so i don't have to worry about them falling apart !

4. Finally i got my black high top converse ruined in Singapore earlier this year and ever since i have really wanted a new pair ! This time i went for low tops and decided to spend the little extra and upgrade to the leather ones.

Have you spent all your loans yet or are you far more sensible than i ?

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Uni so far..

Well i have only had some introductutory lectures ! So as far as acadmecially wise its all fine ! My friend moved to Manchester and luckily one of her flat mates is on her course and she is lovely ! Unluckily shes now been put in a seperate group ! So as far as making friends on my course i havnt really but to be honest there hasnt been any time to speak to people during the lectures so im hoping next week goes better ! I did however sleep at my friends flat during the week and got to meet all her flatmates and people from her flat block and nearly all of them are super nice ! we went to a little flat party and played some drinking games and then took the party back to my friends and we didnt go to bed untill five !! then the next day we went the freshers fair where i have put my name down for the film society and the fashion society so hopeully give me a month or so and i will be a social butterfly haha :)

At the flat party playing ring of fire ! Picture robbed from Maddies facebook :) 

Sunday, 16 September 2012

I heart it #4

This week has been a rather strange week for me. Here are some of the pictures i have hearted and some reasons behind it :)

An odd picture i'm sure your thinking ! well my week started off with my first ever trip in an ambulance ! I have been complaining of a sore back on and off for a week or so and then on monday night when i went to bed it was really sore and when i woke up i just couldn't move or sit up the pain was unbearable so i had to get an ambulance to the hospital ! Turns out its something called Sciatica and its just basically a trapped nerve at the bottom of my spine. I'm a lot better now i was sent home with a lot of pills and told to rest so i'm nearly all better thank god !

Now to cheer you up after that depressing story haha. I found this picture and as a sucker for a cat photo's i really fell in love with it ! Its like the feline answer to Godzilla :)

Also this week before my back incident i went down to my local Brownie troop to become a volunteer ! All in my master plan to go to camp america next year ! I need experience with children so i thought this would be the best place to start and everyone there seems really nice :) 

I seen this picture and it made me think of how sometimes i worry a little too much about the number of followers on my blog ! But as the picture states the number of followers does not determine your worth ! and i am rather happy having a small number of loyal followers :)

And last but not least ! With everything going on with my back i had completely forgotton until yesterday that tomorrow i start university !! My friend moved into her flat yesterday and says one of her roommates is on my course and is really nice so at least there is some hope there ! More than just friends i think i'm scared i wont be able to do the work as doing a Fashion Btec we never did any essays or referencing and i haven't taken an exam since my GCSEs ! so i'm not sure how quick i will be able to catch up with those coming from A Levels ! Hopefully it will all go fine though :)
Now i just have to worry about what to wear !

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

My Hairstory !

Since I have started this blog my hair has been on an epic journey ! I have changed my hair more in this one year than i have my entire life ! Here is a collage of all the hair styles i have had so far ..

1. So firstly is me with long hair in my natural colour ! This is basically the hair i had for nearly all of my life. Growing up i got my hair cut about once a year a habit i fear i slightly brought into my later life as i do have a kind of phobia of hairdressers ! I find all the forced small talk intimidating :/ 

2. When i started my fashion course i didn't realalise that my college was solely an arts college therefore everyone there was very creative and there was a lot of different styles and alternative looks ! I think this is where i started feeling a lot more adventurous with my style and took a big leap and went ginger ! I did love my ginger hair ( although my boyfriend HATED it ) but my roots where just too much and it kind of ruined my hair all the bleaching. 

3. After having enough with my awful roots when i was ginger i re bleached the ends and put turquoise on and then dyed my roots black. I really loved this look ! I then went on to have purple in my hair but i have no proper pictures of that. 

4. My hair was absolutely destroyed by all the bleaching and i had all the dip dye cut off ! Which added up to a whopping 10 inches ! This is the shortest i had ever had my hair ! 

And with out further ado ! I have had my hair changed again .. 

That's right i have gone super short ! I was going to go for a kind of Miley Cyrus look but the hairdresser suggested more like Frankie Sandford ! I really love it :) and the strange thing is i feel a hell of a lot more girly with my hair this short than i ever did with long hair ! This is by far the most extreme thing i have done to my hair yet and i could not be happier :) 

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Oh i do like to be beside the seaside !

So my boyfriend has had a week off work so with the great weather we decided to go to New Brighton, which is a kind of seaside resort near Liverpool. I really love it there, my dad used to take me and my sister all the time when we where kids ! It was a big arcade and a small fair. Here are the pictures :)

My best tourist pose

No idea why my eyes look closed ! But isn't the lighthouse pretty :)

Finally wore my Moschino backpack out :)

The monkey we almost won ! We spent over £5 trying and evan lifted it up but sadly never won him :(

The Waltzers 

Me and the Bf trying to take pictures whilst we were spinning round :) 

We had such a fun day ! hope we get to go on another day out soon :) 
How was your weekend ? 

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

ootd plus mini catch up :)

So on my last post i promised to be a better blogger and that this week i definitely would because i actually had things going on ! Well there was my downfall i had so much going on i didn't actually have time to blog ! Between days out and working by the time i got home ( if i was sleeping at home at all that night ) i was far too tired to blog :( Hopefully once i start university in the next few weeks and my job hours get sorted along with my timetable i can get back into a routine :)
So here is an ootd from sometime this week ( i can't remember which day )

Jacket - Vintage Levi, Top - Primark, Skirt - New Look Inspire, Leggings- Topshop, Shoes - River Island.
I wore this for a meal out and trip to the cinema with my boyfriend. I really love this outfit ! I love the skirt and haven't stopped wearing it since i got it ! Its a leather look skirt and the material is very light and shiny. It just goes with so many things but i especially love it with this top from Primark as i think the maroon and leather look really good together and as i mentioned in a previous post the material on the top is the sort you find on american sports jerseys so the different textures looked really good together as well :) I think this is a possible outfit for my first day of uni !

And instead of boring you with many posts about my days out this week i thought i would condense it all into a collage :) 
At the top is a photograph i took at Mickey's Magic Show which i went to see with my cousin. I think we where the only people there without a child haha but i loved it ! It was really good and it wasn't just Mickey and Minnie they had nearly all the princesses appear and some of the baddies too ! 
The second photograph is of all the dvds me and my friend lauren watched at sleepover at hers this week ! I love showing friends some of my favourite films that they've never seen before :) 
Thirdly is a photograph from the restaurant me and my boyfriend visited ! It was a Chinese restaurant and the entrance is a bridge over a coy fish pond and fountain it was so pretty that i had to take a picture. 
And last but not least is my friend Lauren's cat Alex sneaking a peak at us from inside a build a bear box ! I love cats and Alex is the best cat in the world so i couldn't not put this picture up :) 

So thats basically everything i have done this week ! How was your week ?

Sunday, 26 August 2012

I heart it #3

Sorry i haven't been the best blogger this week ! I just seem to be in work all the time and when i'm not in work i am just sitting in the house doing nothing because my boyfriends in work. So i spend all my time in uniforms or pyjamas neither of which i think needs posting on here haha :). I will be better this week as i actually have days out planned ! Anyway here are the things i have been hearting this week !

Evan though i moan about not going out the truth is i am rather a real life Daria i'd rather stay in and watch a movie than go out drinking. (boring i know) Kind of worrying now how that's going to fit in with the whole university lifestyle as am unsure how i am going to fit in if i don't go on all the nights out.

I wasn't completely in love with Miley's hair when i first saw it ! But i think it was more of a shock how blonde she had gone rather than the cut. I'm actually starting to really love it. I feel like i want a drastic change to my hair to though i am unsure what, any ideas ? I will be interested to see how Miley styles it on the red carpet.

Absolutely love this drawing ! it makes me want to get back into my drawing again ! I drew so much in college for our sketchbooks but haven't done any this summer so i really want to get back in to it. 

My dad just came back from America and bought me some American Apparel bows which i really love and have wanted for a while but never got round to buying them ! So will post some pics wearing them soon :)

And lastly a snap from one of my favourite movies Ghost World i have been watching this alot lately ! I just can't help but love the character Enid ! If you haven't seen it it's worth a watch. Also debating weather to buy this Ghost World notebook for uni !

What have you been up to / loving this week ?

Monday, 20 August 2012

Fiesta !

Here is the photo's from my boyfriends sisters fiance's 30th birthday which was Mexican fancy dress ! It was a really good night ! everyone really got into the spirit of the fancy dress ! There was even someone there who had the same idea as me and came representing day of the dead ! which was nice as not too many other people knew what i was supposed to be ! Well here are the pics :) 

My face finished :) 

Me and my boyfriends family before we left

Me and my boyfriend :) 

The birthday boy ! 

Me and Michelle 

Hope you all had a great weekend :)
p.s Sorry i missed another I heart it sunday post but i spent the day chilling out in bed as we didn't get in from the party till after 3 ! 

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Kiwi Nails :)

So here is my first attempt at kiwi nails ! Its not the best but i kinda like it :) I want to try experimenting more with my nail art then just doing leopard print all the time ! don't get me wrong i love leopard print nails but i want to try something else :) I seen some really cute Minnie Mouse ones online the other day so think i will try these out next week !
Tonight i have that Mexican fancy dress to go to ! I settled on day of the dead and am going to wear my Clements Ribeiro for Evans dress seen here as it is the most colourful / Mexican looking piece of clothing i own !
Also want to say a big thank you to everyone who congratulated me on getting into uni ! It means alot ! I am super excited to start now :)