Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Wednesday Wishes #4

Dress 1 - Evans - £35,  Dress 2 - Evans - £32

Whilst browsing the web i came across these two dresses on Evans. I really like both of them and feel they would both fit in to my autumn wardrobe perfectly as both can be worn with tights and shoes or boots. I feel they could also both be dressed up or down. They are also both similar prices ! And i don't have the money for both :( So i have to decide..
I'm going into town friday with my friend so i think i will go in and try both on and then decide. Soo hard though as they are both really nice !
Which would you choose ?

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

In a Galaxy Far Far Away …

Sorry the pictures are not the best ! In need of a new camera but don't think i will be getting one till at least christmas :( 
So after my last nail art attempt i have been dying to try another and when i seen galaxy nails on etcllymlrs i really wanted to try them out as it didn't include nail art pens and didn't seem to difficult. 
I think they turned out pretty well ! I definitely need to invest in a top coat varnish and some glitter polish as well ! But apart from that i am quite happy with them. 
In other news my dad came home from a trip to Rome yesterday and brought me back some Mark Jacobs - Daisy perfume :) 
I have to say its one of the prettiest perfume bottles i have seen in a long time ! And it smells soo good !
It will also give me a break from my everyday perfume which is Vera Wang - Princess. I think i should start investing in some more perfumes ! 
Any suggestions of nice ones ? 

Friday, 26 August 2011

ootd - Navy & Black

Dress & Hairband - Internacionale, Belt - Dorothy Perkins,  Leggings & Boots - Topshop
Apologies for my lack of blogging this week, i have been a bit distracted with home life. 
I recently went shopping to get some new clothes for autumn/winter and picked up this dress from Internacionale a shop i have never really thought about going in before but after seeing some lovely things other bloggers seem to pick up from there i went in for a nose. They had a massive sale section and thats where i found my dress i was utterly shocked when i seen it was only £6 as i have seen similar dresses on the high street at around £20. I tried it on and although i have tried this style before and not liked it this felt different i think maybe because the materiel isn't as thick as others. Then when i got to the till to buy, it turned out my dress had been reduced again to £3 !!! and they had an offer on hairbands 5 for £1 so i got 5 hairbands and a dress for £4 !!! i will definitely be shopping there again ! I still can't get over how cheap it was!
 I got my belt from Dorothy Perkins, i have been after a thin leopard belt for some time now but hadn't seen any that had really caught my attention or wasn't too expensive, but this was was just right and at only £5 it was another bargain. I also got my boots from Topshop that featured in my last wednesday wishes :) i really love them and they have just come out in a brown colour as well that i'm considering buying. Cannot wait for winter ! 

Sunday, 21 August 2011

ootd - Flower Power

Dress- New Look, Jacket, Ring,Leggings & Hairband - Topshop, Dr Martens - Resurrection, Bag - Vivienne  Westwood

After mentioning in my last outfit post that i wasn't quite sure what to wear with my Dr Martens i have been trying to think up new outfits to pair them with. I tried to find the most girly dress i had and this was it a little floral number from New Look. I love this dress and have it in another floral pattern as well. Its so comfortable and easy to throw on. I also wore my favourite ring its a little neon frog with pink eyes ! i don't normally buy rings but when i seen this i had to buy it as it was just too cute :) 
In other news i mentioned a few wednesdays ago a certain pair of leopard print leggings from Topshop that i had been lusting over ! Well after numerous visits to numerous stores to buy them it seems they had either sold out completely or hadn't had them in at all,  i ordered them online and they came the other day ! After being soo excited to get them i eventually i tried them on and disappointingly they look awful on me :(  so sadly going to have to take them back, hopefully will find something to swap them with in Topshop ! 

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Wednesday Wishes #3

Creepers - £55, Shoes - £55, Boots - £38

So as you can see this week i have become a bit black shoe obsessed !! 

*I have seen so many versions of creepers on the high street lately but these are my favourite pair ! They are quite cheap as i have seen many around the £90 mark and with these being from topshop it means student discount :) They also have them in a red which is really nice but i think i would get more wear out of the black. 

*The shoes i have had my eye on for quite some time and have been trying to force them upon my cousins for school shoes ! One of them has complied and loves them (woo ! ). They make me wish i was still in school or just still a little girl. 

*The boots i don't think look as nice on this photograph as they do in real life. They would go with so many things in my wardrobe right now and i am dying to have them ! Hopefully going to get some money off my dad towards clothes for going back to college and if i do these will be first on my list :) 

*Nothing fashion related but lately i have been wanting another piercing and when i came across this photograph on i nearly died ! I think this is so pretty and haven't seen anyone with it before ! Once i get some money definitely heading down to my local piercing shop to get this done :) 

What have you been wanting this week ?

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Nails !

They are by no means perfect ! but this is my first attempt at any type of nail art :)
I got the idea from this amazing blog where all the nail art is done using cello-tape 
Some of there designs are amazing but as a first timer i thought to stick to a very simple one!
I painted all my nails in the lighter green which is Barry M - Mint Green. 
Then on create my thumb and 3rd finger i used strips of cellotape to create stripes and then painted over the exposed nail  in Barry M - Spring Green to  get the two toned stripes.
I then just bent one of my bobby pins and dipped that in nail varnish to create my spots ! 
Sorry i'm awful at explaining ! 
Next time i will take some pictures during the process :) 
I dont think they turned out too bad ! 
Will definitely be trying more nail art ! i am dying for one of those nail art pens to try leopard print. 

Saturday, 13 August 2011

ootd - LBD

Dress - Topshop,  Leggings - Topshop, Hairband - Topshop, Dr Martens - Resurrection

I only realised the other day that i didn't actually own a little black dress that i felt totally comfortable in. After featuring a black dress from Topshop in my first wednesday wishes i went in to try it on but that style just doesn't seem to suit me . So i found a similar dress with no sleeves and for a fraction of the price there at only £20 (£18 with my student discount woo ! ) and i just really love it, i know its just a plain dress but its exactly what i wanted as i can then style it in so many different ways. Today i just threw it on with some black leggings and my new Dr Martens !! 
I mentioned in my last post i was going to buy them but in lilac, i also expressed my indecisiveness. Well i went into the shop with every intention of buying lilac buy they didn't have them in and when i seen the mint green i fell in love ! Only problem is i'm not really sure what other things to wear them with. I see people wearing docs with shorts and tights all the time but that isn't really me so any suggestions anyone has would be very welcomed :) 
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend :D xx

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Wednesday Wishes #2

Jeans - £30,  Necklace - £12.50,  Jumper - £35,  Dr Martens - £50
This week isn't really an outfit more of a collection of things i'm wanting right now. 

* The jeans are from Dorothy Perkins and they have got quite a large collection of coloured jeans in right now, i had a hard time deciding which ones were my favourite ! I love these ones though i think they are a great colour and would go with quite a lot of the autumn winter colours that are coming in right now. 

* The necklace is from Topshop and i have been looking for a peace necklace for some time now but most of the others i have seen have looked a little bit tacky but i really love this one i think mainly because its not all metal. 

* The jumper is from River Island and i just love the colour its so bright and will be great for the autumn. Although its a bit pricey for a jumper when im not sure how much i would wear it. Plus it slightly puts me off buying from River Island as i don't get student discount ! ( CheapSkate ino ! ) . 

* These Dr Martens are from Resurrection a shop in Liverpool ( they also have a website ) I have wanted these shoes since they came out around spring but at a £90 price tag i just couldn't afford them. Resurrection however have them in the sale at £50 and i just can't resist them any longer. The only problem is they also come in a pale pink and a mint green and its so hard to choose between them all ! Right now i'm thinking lilac but i will probably end up buying another colour ! 

Well i am going into town shopping today and will post what i end up coming home with :) 

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

ootd - Rawr !

Top - Topshop,  Jeans - Next,  Hairband - Topshop,  Shoes - Converse
This is a little catch up post as i have been MIA for the last week :) well the following has occurred whilst i have been gone 

* Due mostly to boredom whilst being off college i have started volunteering at a local charity shop ! I started friday and after some reservations it turned out to be quite fun :) Hopefully might find some gorgeous vintage pieces
* My boyfriend took me Alton Towers :) as we had a two for one voucher ! ( Thanks Kellogg's :D ) it was such a good day out and we got on all the big rides ! 

* Also have applied to a local company in liverpool Fashion Finds ( They photograph street fashion there website is ) for some work experience, so fingers crossed ! 

So today i just chilled out at my boyfriends and browsed the web for some new purchases ! Hopefully getting some money in tomorrow and will be putting it towards some new clothes and shoes :) 
Also hope it will be safe to go into town tomorrow after the riots ! Today i know local businesses have been forced to close early ! 
My thoughts go out to those personally effected by the destruction these riots have caused  xx 

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Wednesday Wishes #1

Dress - £48,  Leggings - £20  Boots - £68  Belt - £16  Hairband - £12.50

I have seen on quite a few blogs weekly posts and thought i might have ago myself. Im going to try and do this every week but cannot 100% guarantee as there may be a week where there is simply nothing in the shops that i want ( although i doubt it haha ).
This week all of the above is from Topshop.
Since they arrived a week or two ago i keep finding myself returning to the site to view these leopard print leggings ! Normally i'm not really into patterned leggings but its something about the deep colours and just how classy these leggings look compared to others i have seen. I just don't think they have that cheap tacky look that some leopard print leggings/tights can have.
Since seeing them i have been trying to imagine how i would wear them. And this morning i spotted this black skater dress and suddenly i thought this would go perfect with them.
Then i thought about footwear and my immediate thought was boots recently i have been craving a pair of black ankle boots and i just simply love these ones from Topshop i think its the buckle detail that makes them really stand out to me.
To pull the outfit together i would add the skinny leopard print belt and that amazing spike headband to add a bit of edge to the look.
Hopefully i will get some money together to buy this ! As i feel i could wear it out in the day and swap the boots for heels for a night out (not that i have many of them).


This morning as i made my usual rounds of checking all my favourite blogs and fashion websites i stumbled onto Look Magazine assuming i was just making my usual daily visit to find out the latest sales, arrivals and just general fashion news, but to my surprise i saw an invite for all bloggers to win one of the most coveted prizes in fashion. Front row tickets to the Look show ! and to accompany a whole host of amazing gifts. Well i may not be the most experienced blogger or writer to think of it but i could not pass up the opportunity !
So here it goes all the reasons i should be one of those five lucky bloggers !
I am just a humble fashion student from liverpool and it was at the request of my college that i begin a blog but since i have started it has become such a passion. I spend hours deciphering between outfits for posts, my heart skips a beat every time my blackberry gets an email incase its another comment and i cannot wait to get home every night to check into the blogosphere and see what my favourite bloggers are writing about that day !
Wining this prize would make such a huge difference to my life ! It would help my baby blog to become so much more and give me the opportunity to meet more experienced bloggers and gain vital experience in the fashion world, a world that i so crave to belong to !
All my life i have loved all things fashionable whether it was dressing my dollies up as a little girl or spending hours admiring the wonderful outfits of miss Carrie Bradshaw on sex and the city ! This would just be the highlight of my short life and would give me such an opportunity to gain knowledge and experience that i can then incorporate into my college and hopefully university education,as it is not everyday that a girl like me would get a chance to sit front row at a high class fashion show and it would just be amazing to see such beautiful clothes close up and before everyone else it is every girls dream !
I would also be so appreciative of all the other gifts that accompany it ! Not to mention the fact A/W is my favourite season !!
So fingers crossed i will be considered for such an utterly words cannot describe prize !
and like charlie i will be wishing and hoping for that golden ticket !

Monday, 1 August 2011

ootd - Little Red Dress

I bought this dress back in march from Topshop for my birthday night out and convinced myself i would wear it all the time but truth be told it has spent a good few months in the wardrobe ! This weekend was my boyfriends parents 30th wedding anniversary so i decided it would be a good time to give this dress another night out. The plan was we would go out for dinner and then a few drinks as all the family where down. 
In the end though we ended up sitting in the garden ( due to the great weather ) eating a kfc and having a drink ! I think we ended up having a better time it was so relaxed and everybody could just be themselves. Really great night. 
As in my last outfit post my shoes and necklace are Topshop and my tights are george Asda :)

Did everyone else have a good weekend ?