Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Wednesday Wishes #3

Creepers - £55, Shoes - £55, Boots - £38

So as you can see this week i have become a bit black shoe obsessed !! 

*I have seen so many versions of creepers on the high street lately but these are my favourite pair ! They are quite cheap as i have seen many around the £90 mark and with these being from topshop it means student discount :) They also have them in a red which is really nice but i think i would get more wear out of the black. 

*The shoes i have had my eye on for quite some time and have been trying to force them upon my cousins for school shoes ! One of them has complied and loves them (woo ! ). They make me wish i was still in school or just still a little girl. 

*The boots i don't think look as nice on this photograph as they do in real life. They would go with so many things in my wardrobe right now and i am dying to have them ! Hopefully going to get some money off my dad towards clothes for going back to college and if i do these will be first on my list :) 

*Nothing fashion related but lately i have been wanting another piercing and when i came across this photograph on i nearly died ! I think this is so pretty and haven't seen anyone with it before ! Once i get some money definitely heading down to my local piercing shop to get this done :) 

What have you been wanting this week ?


  1. I cannot tell you how much I want that piercing! I'm a bit addicted to piercings at the moment I've had 2 in the last 2 months need to restrain I think ha-ha.

    Gorgeous shoes the boots are my fave :) they look fab


  2. ooooohh that piercing looks cool! Have you already got some high up on your ear???

    And I think you know I'm totally wanting that leopards print so cute dress! :)

  3. I love that piercing! Do you know what the name of it is? Thanks


  4. no sorry i don't :(
    i plan on just taking this picture to the piercing shop i go to !
    but if they tell me it has a certain name i will let you know :)