Wednesday, 3 August 2011


This morning as i made my usual rounds of checking all my favourite blogs and fashion websites i stumbled onto Look Magazine assuming i was just making my usual daily visit to find out the latest sales, arrivals and just general fashion news, but to my surprise i saw an invite for all bloggers to win one of the most coveted prizes in fashion. Front row tickets to the Look show ! and to accompany a whole host of amazing gifts. Well i may not be the most experienced blogger or writer to think of it but i could not pass up the opportunity !
So here it goes all the reasons i should be one of those five lucky bloggers !
I am just a humble fashion student from liverpool and it was at the request of my college that i begin a blog but since i have started it has become such a passion. I spend hours deciphering between outfits for posts, my heart skips a beat every time my blackberry gets an email incase its another comment and i cannot wait to get home every night to check into the blogosphere and see what my favourite bloggers are writing about that day !
Wining this prize would make such a huge difference to my life ! It would help my baby blog to become so much more and give me the opportunity to meet more experienced bloggers and gain vital experience in the fashion world, a world that i so crave to belong to !
All my life i have loved all things fashionable whether it was dressing my dollies up as a little girl or spending hours admiring the wonderful outfits of miss Carrie Bradshaw on sex and the city ! This would just be the highlight of my short life and would give me such an opportunity to gain knowledge and experience that i can then incorporate into my college and hopefully university education,as it is not everyday that a girl like me would get a chance to sit front row at a high class fashion show and it would just be amazing to see such beautiful clothes close up and before everyone else it is every girls dream !
I would also be so appreciative of all the other gifts that accompany it ! Not to mention the fact A/W is my favourite season !!
So fingers crossed i will be considered for such an utterly words cannot describe prize !
and like charlie i will be wishing and hoping for that golden ticket !


  1. Good luck with this hon! I was reading about it last night and considering entering too but as I live in Ireland I don't think I can (sadly!) hope you get what you want! :) xo

  2. Good luck! Hope you do well in it!! Fingers crossed. xoxo