Tuesday, 9 August 2011

ootd - Rawr !

Top - Topshop,  Jeans - Next,  Hairband - Topshop,  Shoes - Converse
This is a little catch up post as i have been MIA for the last week :) well the following has occurred whilst i have been gone 

* Due mostly to boredom whilst being off college i have started volunteering at a local charity shop ! I started friday and after some reservations it turned out to be quite fun :) Hopefully might find some gorgeous vintage pieces
* My boyfriend took me Alton Towers :) as we had a two for one voucher ! ( Thanks Kellogg's :D ) it was such a good day out and we got on all the big rides ! 

* Also have applied to a local company in liverpool Fashion Finds ( They photograph street fashion there website is www.fashionfinds.co.uk ) for some work experience, so fingers crossed ! 

So today i just chilled out at my boyfriends and browsed the web for some new purchases ! Hopefully getting some money in tomorrow and will be putting it towards some new clothes and shoes :) 
Also hope it will be safe to go into town tomorrow after the riots ! Today i know local businesses have been forced to close early ! 
My thoughts go out to those personally effected by the destruction these riots have caused  xx 


  1. oh.my.god I NEED those shoes!! cool as!
    And you look super cute too :)

  2. Definitely buying that t-shirt soon! x


  3. Love the shoes. Amazing colors on it and I love the texture.

    Heel in Mint