Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Nails !

They are by no means perfect ! but this is my first attempt at any type of nail art :)
I got the idea from this amazing blog where all the nail art is done using cello-tape 
Some of there designs are amazing but as a first timer i thought to stick to a very simple one!
I painted all my nails in the lighter green which is Barry M - Mint Green. 
Then on create my thumb and 3rd finger i used strips of cellotape to create stripes and then painted over the exposed nail  in Barry M - Spring Green to  get the two toned stripes.
I then just bent one of my bobby pins and dipped that in nail varnish to create my spots ! 
Sorry i'm awful at explaining ! 
Next time i will take some pictures during the process :) 
I dont think they turned out too bad ! 
Will definitely be trying more nail art ! i am dying for one of those nail art pens to try leopard print. 


  1. Looks great... I don't have the patience, so i always use Crackle Polish... :) With the right outfit I'm sure your Nails look AWESOME... :)

  2. Thank you i'm thinking tomorrow i will wear my new dr martens coz they match the mint green in my nails :)

  3. Cute cute cute! And I don't think I'd ever seen your tattoo before, it's beautiful.

  4. Super cute! I want to give it a go but just don't have the patience! Thanks for the comment about the leggings, I haven't tried Topshop ones yet but I will be now! :) x

  5. This is great - especially for a first attempt! Really cute :)

    You could always use liquid eyeliner to give leopard print a go - I haven't got a nail art pen, & I do it quite a lot - worth a try!