Sunday, 18 November 2012

Insta-Update :)

1. This week i went into Liverpool shopping with my auntie who was home from Singapore and the rest of the family. I love that all the christmas decorations are up ! Those reindeers light up in the night as well :) 

2. Whilst out we went for lunch at Jamie Oliver's Italian. I had wild rabbit taglioni which was the first time i had ever had rabbit and it was quite nice. 

3. Getting slightly obsessed with Temple Run ! Me and my boyfriend are having a competition on scores which i can happily say I'm winning :) 

4. Got my boyfriend to buy me this giant cheshire cat from the disney store as one of my christmas presents ! I absolutely love alice in wonderland and the cheshire cat is one of my favourite characters. 

5. Believe it or not this is my first ever purchase from Lush ! After reading so many reviews raving about this product i decided to go try it myself. And i am so glad i did i am in love with this shower gel ! And am definitely going to invest in a lot more before it goes off sale ! 

6. Me and my friend Lauren decided to do halloween presents instead of christmas presents but only got the chance to meet up last week ! She got me this Harry Potter necklace which i must say i haven't took off i love it ! Along with a very creepy blank witchcraft journal which i am too scared to write in ! 

7. I have carried on drawing and have took to doodling on the train ! This was inspired by the movie Moonrise Kingdom .

8. Finally got my collar clips i ordered from Ebay ! ( you can get them here )I really love them ! And got loads of compliments on them which is always a nice thing :) 

9. Another tattoo ! I was unsure weather to do a whole post on this as i don't know if you are interested in my tattoo's ! This is a map of the world across my feet. Its also my 5th tattoo overall ! ( if you are interested on a post about this or all of my tattoos let me know )

This is basically everything i have been up to lately ! I got some lovely nail varnishes as well this week including a Primark version of the caviar manicure which i will review this week :) 

What have you done this week ? 


  1. I love your map of the world tattoo! I love snow fairy too you should try the other Christmas shower gel ponche it smells so good. The collar tips are amazing could you post a link to the seller you bought them from?
    : ]

  2. I love your tattoo! So different! I also haven't ever bought anything from Lush I should so do it, every one raves on about how good the products are x

  3. Aww the Cheshire cat is so precious ^^ <3
    I just got a black and white one as an early xmas prezzie. ^^;
    Hubs jealous coz I sleep next to kitty and not him. XD Mwaha
    Anyhoops, luvly post. ^^v