Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Life from my BlackBerry

My boyfriends brother has gone to South Africa on a safari holiday and i have lent him my memory card for his camera therefore i am unable to do any outfit or nail posts which i had planned on doing this week therefore i thought it might be fun to post some of the photo's on my phone. Most if not all of these photo's were taken at one point or another in the last few weeks to send to my friend on bbm for opinions.

New tattoo :) i got this today and it is a planet in the shape of saturn but coloured pink and purple it is on my inner ankle. The meaning behind this is i love the Blink 182 cover of the song Another Girl Another Planet and it is quoted in one of my favourite books Junk by Melvin Burgess and i love the idea of every person being their own unique planet.

I went to visit my nan this week and we sat and went through lots of old family photo's and this was one of my favourites of me and my granddad and i took this photo so it is now my phone background :)

This is waffles and marshmallow fluff ! And omg it is amazing ! I have wanted to buy marshmallow fluff for ages but its really expensive as its imported from America but Asda have started selling it for only £2 so i am planning on stocking up ! Its also amazing in hot chocolate :)

I have really wanted levi cut off shorts for a very long time now but i can't find them in more than a size 12 therefore i went ahead and bought some Wrangler jeans from Oxfam online for only £8 and i cut them myself :) I really love them and think they are going to be really nice with chunky jumpers, tights and my Doc Martens for winter.

Hopefully my posts will return to some kind of normal basis soon i'm finding it hard to juggle work and uni and seeing friends and my boyfriend at the moment but hopefully in a week or two i will be more in the swing of things :)
I leave you with the song that inspired my new tatt :)


  1. Love your new tattoo and what you did with those jeans - they look great as shorts!

  2. You're so brave getting a tattoo! ..or I'm just a massive wimp :P Haha. Wish I had the patience to do what you've done with those jeans, I'd love to add some studs and maybe a dipdye to them :) x

  3. love love LOVE your tattoo - what a lovely idea!
    also on a side note, your tshirt is amazing (the dinosaur one!)
    Rosie xo
    A Pocketful of Rosie

  4. LOVE your tattoo im waiting to get a new one xx

  5. It’s so easy to share photos when you have a Blackberry, isn’t it? I mean, you just take a picture of something, and you send it over to someone else through BBM, and you’re all set! I love it because it makes it easy for me to communicate with my family and friends. By the way, I love your tattoo! That’s a nice way to express how you feel about yourself!