Tuesday, 11 September 2012

My Hairstory !

Since I have started this blog my hair has been on an epic journey ! I have changed my hair more in this one year than i have my entire life ! Here is a collage of all the hair styles i have had so far ..

1. So firstly is me with long hair in my natural colour ! This is basically the hair i had for nearly all of my life. Growing up i got my hair cut about once a year a habit i fear i slightly brought into my later life as i do have a kind of phobia of hairdressers ! I find all the forced small talk intimidating :/ 

2. When i started my fashion course i didn't realalise that my college was solely an arts college therefore everyone there was very creative and there was a lot of different styles and alternative looks ! I think this is where i started feeling a lot more adventurous with my style and took a big leap and went ginger ! I did love my ginger hair ( although my boyfriend HATED it ) but my roots where just too much and it kind of ruined my hair all the bleaching. 

3. After having enough with my awful roots when i was ginger i re bleached the ends and put turquoise on and then dyed my roots black. I really loved this look ! I then went on to have purple in my hair but i have no proper pictures of that. 

4. My hair was absolutely destroyed by all the bleaching and i had all the dip dye cut off ! Which added up to a whopping 10 inches ! This is the shortest i had ever had my hair ! 

And with out further ado ! I have had my hair changed again .. 

That's right i have gone super short ! I was going to go for a kind of Miley Cyrus look but the hairdresser suggested more like Frankie Sandford ! I really love it :) and the strange thing is i feel a hell of a lot more girly with my hair this short than i ever did with long hair ! This is by far the most extreme thing i have done to my hair yet and i could not be happier :) 


  1. Wow what a difference and get you cutting your locks off. You look fantastic girl and your hair looks so nice and shiny!

  2. I actually love it! Really accentuates your pretty face! You look so grown up and beautiful and sophisticated!? Glad you're happy with it! Gonna miss wondering what hair do youre gonna sport next :P xx