Thursday, 20 September 2012

Uni so far..

Well i have only had some introductutory lectures ! So as far as acadmecially wise its all fine ! My friend moved to Manchester and luckily one of her flat mates is on her course and she is lovely ! Unluckily shes now been put in a seperate group ! So as far as making friends on my course i havnt really but to be honest there hasnt been any time to speak to people during the lectures so im hoping next week goes better ! I did however sleep at my friends flat during the week and got to meet all her flatmates and people from her flat block and nearly all of them are super nice ! we went to a little flat party and played some drinking games and then took the party back to my friends and we didnt go to bed untill five !! then the next day we went the freshers fair where i have put my name down for the film society and the fashion society so hopeully give me a month or so and i will be a social butterfly haha :)

At the flat party playing ring of fire ! Picture robbed from Maddies facebook :) 

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  1. Looking back I can't remember how I got talking to the girls that became my really good mates on my course, I think I actually just sat near them in a lecturer and that was it. But that being said afterwards we were pretty much always sitting by each other. Once you get your proper lecturers and seminars started it'll all fall into place.