Tuesday, 4 September 2012

ootd plus mini catch up :)

So on my last post i promised to be a better blogger and that this week i definitely would because i actually had things going on ! Well there was my downfall i had so much going on i didn't actually have time to blog ! Between days out and working by the time i got home ( if i was sleeping at home at all that night ) i was far too tired to blog :( Hopefully once i start university in the next few weeks and my job hours get sorted along with my timetable i can get back into a routine :)
So here is an ootd from sometime this week ( i can't remember which day )

Jacket - Vintage Levi, Top - Primark, Skirt - New Look Inspire, Leggings- Topshop, Shoes - River Island.
I wore this for a meal out and trip to the cinema with my boyfriend. I really love this outfit ! I love the skirt and haven't stopped wearing it since i got it ! Its a leather look skirt and the material is very light and shiny. It just goes with so many things but i especially love it with this top from Primark as i think the maroon and leather look really good together and as i mentioned in a previous post the material on the top is the sort you find on american sports jerseys so the different textures looked really good together as well :) I think this is a possible outfit for my first day of uni !

And instead of boring you with many posts about my days out this week i thought i would condense it all into a collage :) 
At the top is a photograph i took at Mickey's Magic Show which i went to see with my cousin. I think we where the only people there without a child haha but i loved it ! It was really good and it wasn't just Mickey and Minnie they had nearly all the princesses appear and some of the baddies too ! 
The second photograph is of all the dvds me and my friend lauren watched at sleepover at hers this week ! I love showing friends some of my favourite films that they've never seen before :) 
Thirdly is a photograph from the restaurant me and my boyfriend visited ! It was a Chinese restaurant and the entrance is a bridge over a coy fish pond and fountain it was so pretty that i had to take a picture. 
And last but not least is my friend Lauren's cat Alex sneaking a peak at us from inside a build a bear box ! I love cats and Alex is the best cat in the world so i couldn't not put this picture up :) 

So thats basically everything i have done this week ! How was your week ?

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  1. hy i love your look i juste discover your blog and i loved it !! what do think of following each other ?