Sunday, 26 August 2012

I heart it #3

Sorry i haven't been the best blogger this week ! I just seem to be in work all the time and when i'm not in work i am just sitting in the house doing nothing because my boyfriends in work. So i spend all my time in uniforms or pyjamas neither of which i think needs posting on here haha :). I will be better this week as i actually have days out planned ! Anyway here are the things i have been hearting this week !

Evan though i moan about not going out the truth is i am rather a real life Daria i'd rather stay in and watch a movie than go out drinking. (boring i know) Kind of worrying now how that's going to fit in with the whole university lifestyle as am unsure how i am going to fit in if i don't go on all the nights out.

I wasn't completely in love with Miley's hair when i first saw it ! But i think it was more of a shock how blonde she had gone rather than the cut. I'm actually starting to really love it. I feel like i want a drastic change to my hair to though i am unsure what, any ideas ? I will be interested to see how Miley styles it on the red carpet.

Absolutely love this drawing ! it makes me want to get back into my drawing again ! I drew so much in college for our sketchbooks but haven't done any this summer so i really want to get back in to it. 

My dad just came back from America and bought me some American Apparel bows which i really love and have wanted for a while but never got round to buying them ! So will post some pics wearing them soon :)

And lastly a snap from one of my favourite movies Ghost World i have been watching this alot lately ! I just can't help but love the character Enid ! If you haven't seen it it's worth a watch. Also debating weather to buy this Ghost World notebook for uni !

What have you been up to / loving this week ?


  1. Word of advice for uni :) Don't stress about the drinking thing - that scene gets a little old if you're hitting it every night anyway if you have more than a couple of braincells. I know movies make it seem like it happens 24/7 but there are heaps of awesome fun things to go do around campus (if there isn't, grab some people and invent some) and they don't have to involve getting shitfaced :) Also ghost world <3

  2. That drawing is amazing! I need to get back into drawing too, it's been too long!