Saturday, 18 August 2012

Kiwi Nails :)

So here is my first attempt at kiwi nails ! Its not the best but i kinda like it :) I want to try experimenting more with my nail art then just doing leopard print all the time ! don't get me wrong i love leopard print nails but i want to try something else :) I seen some really cute Minnie Mouse ones online the other day so think i will try these out next week !
Tonight i have that Mexican fancy dress to go to ! I settled on day of the dead and am going to wear my Clements Ribeiro for Evans dress seen here as it is the most colourful / Mexican looking piece of clothing i own !
Also want to say a big thank you to everyone who congratulated me on getting into uni ! It means alot ! I am super excited to start now :)


  1. You did awesome! They look so cute. I am going to follow:) please check out my page as well

  2. I love the nails. YOu did great!

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  3. This is such a nice nail look, I wish I had the patience to do it myself xx