Saturday, 11 August 2012

Mini Haul

I have had a really stressful couple of days between working at Next and then working at Liverpool FC on match days and then getting my Btec results ! Having a little bit of trouble with my results :/ ( too complicated to go into ) but fingers crossed i do get into my University course ! So to cure my stress i did what i do best ! Which is shop :) 
So here is what i got ! 
Primark - £8
I have been a bit on the fence about the peplum trend but since i have really wanted something dogtooth lately, i took a chance and tried this on and it has changed my mind ! I really love the leather trim as well :) 

Primark - £10
I have also been searching for the perfect galaxy print as well ! I really wanted leggings but apart from the very pricey Black Milk ones no others have took my fancy so i settled for an oversized tee. I don't think this photograph really does this shirt justice it is really beautiful in real life the front is sheer and it looks really good on. 

Primark - £7

This is my favourite purchase from Primark ! I love the colour and i really love the front panel ! Its the same kind of material that you get on american sports jerseys. They also had this in black which a grey panel but did not have it in my size :( but i am definitely going to check back to see if they get it in ! I think this will go really nice with a leather look skirt i have just ordered. 

Geroge @ Asda - £15
I also got this jumper from asda. I really love it ! Its lightweight and will be easy to layer when it gets colder but is still wearable now while the weather is hit and miss ! It reminds me of something you would see in Topshop but at a fraction of the price ! 

Primark £6
You have probably all seen this necklace by now as it has been doing its rounds on the blog front ! But i do really like it as i'm not sure if i love the neon trend enough to sport clothing in the colours yet :/  so i am trying it out with some accessories first ! I seen on someones blog ( sorry i can't remember who ! If it was your blog leave a comment and i will link ) that they had teamed a neon necklace with snake print and it looked really good so i think i'm going to try that out :) 

Superdrug - £4 ( i think )
I'm no beauty expert but have been wanting some new eyeshadows lately and have seen some reviews on this comparing it to the Urban Decay Naked palette so i decided to try it out ! I'm yet to try it but i do love the look of colours in it ! 
Superdrug - £4ish
Since my whole ginger phase my hair just hasn't recovered yet ! So i have invested in some leave in conditioner with hope that it will help ! I have never tried leave in conditioner so am eager to see how it makes my hair feel ! 

Hope you are all having a better week than me ! 
Have you bought anything nice ? 



  1. Cute haul, I love the Primark galaxy top.

  2. love the two primark tops! that red one is awesome

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

  3. Great new stuff, I really love Primark beacuse of the clothing accessories (RINGSSS) and I really really really love Aussie for the hair, it recently came to Spain and because I dyed my hair I use it a lot (Is GOD).
    Good blog, a hug from Gloria. ♥

  4. Ooh cute neon necklace! Love your tops too :)

  5. Brilliant haul , I've heard great things about that MUA palette.

  6. the much lusted after primark necklace!! love it xx

  7. I love this galaxy blouse!

    I would like to invite U at my blog:

    I hope U will visit me and maybe follow if U like.

  8. you picked some great bits :D

    J x