Friday, 20 July 2012

Tattoo Taboo ?

I have been wanting a new tattoo for quite a while now and have gone back and forth between a number of idea's. I have finally made a decision and hopefully will be booking in to get it done in the next 3 - 4 weeks ! After having discussions about tattoo's, I have got a few mixed reactions some people are all for them and others think that tattoo's need to have a special meaning and need to be easily hidden, i also came across views of weight which the more i think about it annoys me ! I do it myself all the time i wanted a rib tattoo but in my mind i kept saying you can only have one if your skinny or about a tattoo on my inner bicep but again bingo wings :/ And then again with the one i am proposing now ! ( its the same area / shape as the photo ) Thinking well you cannot see my collar bones will this look stupid ? But i have realised that i am going to be getting this tattoo for myself ! Because the quote i have chosen does have a meaning to me and because overall i love tattoo's and i don't believe that anybody should be put off having a tattoo done on any body part if thats what you really want done you should get it !
So fingers crossed all will go to plan (money wise) and i will have my tattoo done soon :)

What are your views on tattoo's ?


  1. done stylishly, tattooes can be awesome!
    if it means something to u and it`s well
    done..go for it! ^^d
    i`m obsessed about cats so i guess i`d
    get a kitty tattoo but haven`t yet found
    the courage. also terrified of needles. xD
    so maybe a magic marker will do the trick XD
    anyhoops, good luck! ^^d am sure whatever and wherever u choose to put it will be fantastic! ^^v MMxoxo

  2. i thought about the tattoo that i wanted for about 5 years before getting it done and i'm so glad i waited that long. tattoo's are personal, so as long as you'll still love it and agree with what it means to you in 40 years time, then get it done. also think about the future, really visible tattoos can be a negative. but, most of all, don't let other opinions (other than the tattoo artist, definitely listen to them) bother you too much. :)

    hope that doesn't come across negative or anything, i love tattoos and would totally have a sleeve if i could haha!

    great blog btw, following :)

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

  3. I love tattoos but I'm terrified to get any myself.
    Thanks for visiting my blog by the way

    C x

  4. I love tattoos! I hate it when people say 'They'll look horrible when you're old' but its our body not theirs! I'm getting my first tattoo this year in honour of my late Grandad. I find tattoos on guys irresistible, my future husband WILL have tattoos, many I hope :D

    Lovely blog you have here :)
    Just Smile.