Saturday, 7 July 2012

50 Shades Finished !

So i don't usually do reviews on here but with everybody going crazy talking about 50 Shades of Grey i thought i would throw my 2 cents in :).
So i finished the last book last night and i have to say i have fell completely in love with Christian Grey, he is one of the most intriguing characters i have ever read about.
I'm sure you have heard all kinds of things being said about this book such as "mum porn" and people talking
about how shocking it is that women are reading this type of book.
I personally believe that the sexy bits in the book serve a purpose as the whole plot involves a man who's lifestyle involves s&m. They are not there just for the sake of it or to shock people. I also don't think its that shocking that women are reading it ! I mean whats the real difference between this and some Jackie Collins novels ? Just because there is massive hype surrounding this book people seem shocked !
The only criticism i have is that it isn't amazingly written, the author repeats the same phrases over and over again and also the fact that this started at twilight fan fiction so as a fan i can still see certain similarities in the characters and plots. Also the name Mr.Grey is the name of the boss in the cult film Secretary which also involves s&m in the plot. Petty i know but i am a sucker for details and it annoyed me :/
Apart from this though the book is funny, intriguing and completely captures your imagination ! I literally couldn't put them down ! I read the last two in the last two days ! I really hope they do turn this film !
Have you read this book yet ?
Whats your opinion ?


  1. I've read parts of this book and I really didn't find it well written at all. As someone who use to read a lot of proper BDSM novels the sex in 50 shades is just your vanilla sex a little bit kinkier - nothing more and far, far, far from the proper BDSM lifestyle, of which the writing doesn't reflect how such a story should be written. I could see it has interesting if you've never read any proper erotica in the past and/or didn't know anything about the BDSM lifestyle but seeing I've done both - it was far too plain.

    Shame for me it didn't live up to the hype.

  2. I've heard alot about this book lately,everyone is raving about it,I love books that just make you go in to a totally different world,making the book come alive.
    It sounds really good,I've heard alot of people being shocked about the content too,debating wether its necessary,but what is there to be shocked about in the world we live in today :D I may have to invest!

    Hope your having a wonderful day and fab review