Sunday, 29 July 2012

I Heart It #1

I am an avid We heart it  user ! I literally go on it every day ! For those who don't know what We heart it is it's basically a website where people upload and share pictures, you make an account and can heart those pictures ! So i thought it might be fun to do a weekly post showing my 5 favourite hearts of the week :)

I liked this pictures as i have recently started reading The Hobbit ahead of the film coming out ! I really love it so far ! I would love to live in a hobbit hole ! I think having a round door would be amazing as the view when you open it looks so good ! 

This picture got hearted because i have a mexican fancy dress party coming up in august ! And i am going crazy trying to think of costumes to wear ! I am thinking of going day of the dead themed but i did do that for halloween so i am unsure :/ Can you think of anything else ?

I have already mentioned i loved the new Batman film so when i seen this it really made me giggle ! Not to mention the fact i really wish i had a cat ! I would say about 40% of my hearts are of cats in silly poses :)

This year my boyfriends brother got married ! And then then this month his sister and other brother both got engaged ! Before you think it i am not planning on getting engaged anytime soon ! But when i seen this picture as a giant potter fan i think i can safely say this would be in my top five dream proposals ! 

And last but not least is this photo of some beautiful long blue hair ! I am getting so bored of my hair :/ after cutting off all my colourful dip dye it just feels so boring :( I'm also starting to miss my long hair now ! There is no chance of my getting extensions either as the thought of fake hair attached to my head just kind of freaks me out ! ( I know i'm a massive weirdo ) Considering getting my fringe back though just to change things up a bit :/ 

So there you go.. an insight into some of the things i liked this week. Hopefully these posts will share a little bit more about me with you ! 
If anyone wishes to follow me on We heart it my user name is - launa mckenzie 
And if you have an account and want to share it leave your user name in the comments :) 


  1. Great Post! I love We heart it too, there's so many great photos! I know what you mean about long hair i'm getting so bored waiting for mine to grow :( x

  2. I'm addicted to We Heart It my user name is sammy scribble and I'm following you now
    : ]

  3. i'm one of those people who had never heard of we heart before, so thank you for explaining what its all about and posting the pics =)
    i'm off to check out the site now.

  4. Ps. I'm your 100th follower! Woohooo, congrats :D