Monday, 28 November 2011

Back to Black & Monthly Round up :)

Hi everyone ! I have been so busy lately and have not had time to blog but hopefully will make this up this week :) 
So as you all know last month i dyed my hair ginger ! Well the roots where unbearable and as i am a poor student :( I could not afford to keep up with the maintenance ! So i have dyed my hair back black but have had the ends dip dyed turquoise ! Although i was sad to see my ginger hair go i do love my new dip dyed look :) Plus when the turquoise washes out i can choose another colour !
what do you think ?

Also i thought i would do a monthly round up as it is December in a few days !! 

Best Buy - My new gold cross earrings ! Featured in the picture above ! I only got them the other day but have not had them out . They go with everything ! £10 from Urban Outfitters .

Best Tv Show - The Young Apprentice ! I love Alan Sugar and some of the tasks are so fun ! I would love to take part in this show !

Best Of My iTunes - I am still listening to a lot of punk/pop such as Bowling for Soup. With the addition of some of the Lonely Island songs ! They are so funny if you have not heard of them youtube them !

Best Book - Finally bought myself Ghost World ! A graphic novel. I love the film and the book was amazing as well.

Best Film - Twilight Breaking Dawn. As a die hard Potter fan was a little weary watching the new Twilight but it was so good. I am not the biggest fan of Kristen Stewart but she did such a good job in this film.

Best Website - I have become obsessed with tumblr ! Spending hours on here browsing beautiful pictures  :)

Best Moment - Halloween ! I know it was kind of the end of October but its close enough ;) I love Halloween it is my favourite holiday ! I love getting dressed up and scary films !

December Brings - Christmas !!! Cannot wait ! My favourite part of christmas is seeing people open the presents i have bought them ! This year should be really good as well as i am spending it with my nan and aunties :) 


  1. Nice to see you back on my dash :) I LOVE your hair! How did you get it so bright? What did you use? or did you get it done professionally?

  2. Hi ! my friend did it ! What we did was bleach the ends of my hair and then i used directions Which is a really cheap semi permanent bright hair colour brand i paid about 3.50 for a pot and that did all my turquoise and considering i have a lot of hair that is really good. We then dyed the top black to meet the turquoise. Hope this has helped :)

  3. I loveeee the hair colour! its so gorgeous!
    It's hair likes this that makes me miss my old style, wish i could pull off bright colours now a days!

  4. love your hair! so cute! ^^<3

  5. Your hair is amazing! I tried torquoise hightlights once...and they went a witchy green! Haha, was not happy :( Wish mine had turned out like this, looks really good! Experimenting with your hair is so fun!? Think you should try bright purple next! :D xxx

  6. Aww I'm sad to say good by to the ginger too, but that turquoise colour is absolutely stunning and darker hair really is more 'you' if that makes sense! Glad to see you back again! x

  7. The blue looks so great!
    i love it.

  8. Love the snake print top :) x