Saturday, 10 March 2012

Goodbye Dipdye !

Dress - Topshop, Hairband - Gift, Hair - New :) 

I have discovered lately i am quite an impulsive person and once i get something into my head i just tend to do it instead of thinking things though ! Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't.
This time i think it did ! Over the last few days i have been thinking about getting my haircut ! I haven't really had any length cut off it in about 6 years and it was starting to feel really ratty. So today i took the plunge and got nearly all my dipdye cut off ! There is still a tiny bit left at the back but you can't really tell ! I got a whopping 10 inches cut off ! I actually really like it ! It'll take a bit of getting used to though :)
What do you think ?


  1. OMG the exact same thing happened to me too today! After bleaching my hair to get the ombre effect last year in August, my hair was really dry and not healthy looking! Today I just took the plunge and cut my hair and now all the ombre is gone! I know I'll probably get used to it but I hope it's soon! I miss my long hair because it's so short now! :( x

    - Ally @ Styled With Leather

  2. Awesome! Sometimes impulsive decisions are the best!
    I just dyed my previously brunette hair electric red!
    Totally impulsive but wonderful!

  3. you look so cute! that hair definately suits you! ^^d
    i always get the urge to cut my hair short like every 5years
    or so. sometimes REALLY short..last time just cut to my shoulders.
    it was two years ago..and now it`s already half way down to my back.XD
    can be so refreshing to do something new. ^^d MMxoxo

  4. I know the post was about your hair but I love the print of that dress.

    <3 floral!! It's such a nice blue

  5. i love your short hair! getting so much cut off is super brave, i could never do it, so well done haha!

  6. It really suits you! :D And you're so brave getting it all cut off, the ends of my hair are in terrible condition after my dip dying but I just cope with the rattyness instead >.< Too scared! But definitely a good move, looks really nice! x

  7. Haha, I totally agree with Joseph, your hair looks amazing and so shiny but the dress is so cute! ^^
    A new follower by bloglovin! ;)

  8. i think it looks great! you look really pretty! :)x

  9. 10 inches, wow! I had 3 inches off my hair last time I got it cut, and I was shocked by how much hair there was on the floor, must've been so much more for you though! It looks lovely - very brave of you too :)

  10. Omg! Looks amazing hun :) so grown up and elegant :) love it! Brave lady!


  11. I am exactly the same! Being impulsive is fun!
    Your hair looks gorgeous, very sophisticated :)
    I'm a new follower :)

    Rachel, xxx