Thursday, 8 March 2012

Birthday Wish list !

Today is exactly 19 days till i am the big 2 0 ! An age i have been dreading turning for the last few years ! I'm not quite sure why and i'm quite aware it's not that old as people keep telling me ! I think its the fact i am leaving my teenage years and when i was little i used to think that at 20 i would have a house or something ! Anyway i have decided instead of dreading the occasion i am going to try and look forward to it ! So here is a very wishful birthday wish list !
Asos Curve - £38
I'm thinking about getting this dress for my birthday night out ! Well its not much of a night out but a meal and drinks with the girls :) I think this will go perfect as i can then take it on holiday ! Which i think i mentioned in a previous post i fly to singapore the day after my birthday :) 

Net a Porter - £90
The new Versace Blackberry case ! I really want this but at £90 for a phone case its a bit unrealistic. Although it would go lovely with my Versace for H&M bits. 

Asos - £89

Summer Creepers ! I really want a pair of these ! I love my minnie mouse ones and i think the light blue would be perfect for summer ! Im thinking dresses and frilly socks ! I hope my birthday money will stretch to a pair :) 

Apparent leaked Leeds Line up 
Last but not least ! A ticket to Leeds Festival ! I have never been to a festival before and i really want to go ! Although i highly doubt i will be able to afford it ! Maybe next year or if somebody wants to donate me one i would be very grateful :)

In other news i got a job today ! Finally ! Working the Kiosks at Liverpool Football Ground ! So i have had a really good week :)
How was your week ? 


  1. Ooo LEEDS festival. Awesome!
    Wish I had the chance to go.
    Been ages since I was at any festival.
    Hih. You young people. (she said with an old wobbly voice ^^) Enjoy your twenties luv! ^^v
    I`m 25 now ...since quite a few years. ^__~d
    Have a great weekend! MMxoxo

  2. Great birthday wishlist :) I hope you will follow my blog :)


  3. The dress is really pretty! I love all the colours.
    Congratulations on the job also!

  4. i love the dress! great blog, congrats on the job! :)

  5. I desperately want a pair of creepers! They're so cool! And I hope you get the ticket to Leeds festival, I went to Reading and it was AMAZING! You have to do a festival at least once! x

  6. Massively huge congrats on getting a job and happy pre-emptive birthday hun! I feel the complete opposite though, I can't wait to be 20 and get out of the teens! hope you get everything you're lusting after sweet. ;)