Friday, 16 March 2012

ootd - Birthday Lunch

Dress - Asda , Headband - Primark, Ring - Juicy Couture

Today was my best friends birthday lunch ! It took me ages to decide what to wear as i didn't want to be too dressed up as it was just a lunch but wanted to look a little better than usual as it was for her birthday. So i finally decided on this scarf print dress from Asda which my auntie bought for me ! It is a bargain at only £12 and they also have a top to match which i have treated myself to :) I felt abit naught wearing this dress though as i was saving it for my holiday but it was too nice to resist ! I teamed it with some black tights and my black Topshop shoes which i have showed in numerous posts. I really love this dress as i think it looks really expensive and its a nice length as well. 
I'm still getting used to my short hair but am coming to terms with it slowly :) Just having a tough time wondering how i will wear it when i go out on special occasions, Any advice ?
In other news as well i got my birthday dress from Asos and it just doesn't suit me i think i look like a little girl in it ! So the hunt is on for an outfit for friday ! 


  1. Wow, from Asda you say? looks a lot like a Givenchy print to me. You've sure got an eye for a bargain when you see one Launa! *win*

  2. Like it :X

  3. Your hair is so beautiful as is that gorgeous dress! Beautiful patterning!


  4. I wasn't keen on these prints when they first appeared but they've definitely grown on me! This one in particular is really nice and looks great on you! Hope you had a nice time for your friend's birthday :) x And the short hair really suits you! My sister's is the same length and she always waves it for speacial occasions :)

  5. I love the dress, the print is very Versace-esque and it looks great on you! Love the new shorter hair too! XX

  6. Wow I love your dress and its from Asda,I should definately shop there more often,and I agree with charlotte B,defiantely Versace-esque.
    Hope your friend had a lovely birthday,and hope your having a lovely day x

  7. oh wow cannot believe your dress is from ASDA!

    J x