Monday, 3 October 2011

Posers !

I mentioned in my last post that i am now apart of Fashion Finds . Well this weekend i attended my first assignment for them ! It was to a small boutique in liverpool called Posers. To attend their first birthday celebration ! I must admit that this is not the type of shop i would normally think of going to, mainly as i always think of these types of shops as only doing small sizes. To my surprise Posers went up to a size 14 in nearly all garments and even had a plus size section which i think is really nice to see as you don't often get that in smaller boutiques.The clothes where all really nice a swell with a wide variety from day time casual to dresses for nights out ! They also had a great selection of coats !  Here is just a few of my favourite outfits ! To see the rest you can go on to the Fashion Finds site
Also as a treat for attending the event the owner let me pick something from the shop to keep ! I got the playsuit in the middle picture ! It is really stunning and only retailed at £15 which is amazing ! I wore it today and it was so comfortable as well ! Sadly didn't get a picture today but definitely will next time and will post it !

Here  is a picture of the celebration in full swing ! They made such an effort and even had a DJ in the back as well as catered food and champagne !! 

This is one of the amazing jackets they had ! It had buttons on the front shoulders as well ! It was absolutely gorgeous ! Over all it was a really fun event at a shop i hadn't known about before and i would definitely go back there again ! The staff were really friendly and it had a great atmosphere ! 
Really excited for future Fashion Finds assignments ! :) 


  1. Wow I love finding surprise little shops like this :) I think a gorgeous dress/outfit from a boutique is fabulous too because there's so much less of a chance of other people wearing the same thing ;) gorgeous playsuit too I dont blame you for poaching it - lucky lady!


  2. Great shop! Love the stripy jacket with the embellishments, so gorgeous!! xx

  3. great post! Can't wait to see you in the romper! :)

    Olivia :) x
    Wait Until The Sunset

  4. Gorgeous jacket, love the shoulder detailing

  5. That playsuit looks gorgeous, cant wait to see it on! what a bargain too!