Friday, 30 September 2011

Monthly Round Up - September !

I have seen these on a few blogs and find them really interesting to read so thought i would have a go myself :)

Best Buy - A really cute moustache ring ! It came in the post yesterday and i will show it off soon :)

Best Tv Show - Awkward ! I have become addicted to it ! I hope they realise the series on dvd & The Charlie Sheen Roast ! I have a huge obsession with Charlie Sheen and his roast was hysterical !

Best Of My iTunes - I am currently listening to a lot of Bowling For Soup and Son Of Dork reliving my punk phase !

Best Book - I have started reading One Day and its good so far but with all my college work haven't got round to finishing it.

Best Film - Fright Night ! I thought this was amazing and one of my favourite actors Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Mclovin) is in it :)

Best Website -  the images are so inspiring and i literally spend hours on here !

Best Moment - My boyfriend buying Cineworld unlimited passes :) As i love going the cinema :)

October Brings - A new hair colour !! Soo excited to dye it :) , Mine and my boyfriends three and a half year anniversary ! ( Yes we celebrate half's :D ) Halloween my favourite holiday ! I have always said it halloween had presents it would out do christmas for me !

What have you been up to this month ?

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