Friday, 23 September 2011

Remington Pearl Wand Review !

So i mentioned a week or so ago i had finally purchased the Remington Pearl Wand after wanting one for quite a while now ! So here is the review on it that i promised :)

This is my hair as i woke up this morning ! Its naturally curly but i had straightened it last night ! 

This is the wand :) It has a on/off button and two buttons to adjust the heat. It starts at 130 degrees and goes up to 210 degrees. It literally heats up in seconds ! The wand comes with a gloved for you to use so that you don't burn your fingers but i find i can't separate my hair properly with the glove on so i am still getting one or two burn't fingers now and again :( The product also comes with a heat proof sleeve to place the wand in after curling :) 

This is my hair after ! Its really curly :) You can achieve bigger curls by using bigger sections of hair but today i felt like tighter curls ! I find that all the other curlers i have used i have to thicken my hair in hair spray to keep the curls in ! I have used this wand quite a few times now and have not used any spray and my curls have stayed in all day and hardly dropped out ! Which is amazing ! I would honestly recommed this to anybody as it is to easy to use and really quick it took about 15 minutes for me to do my hair opposed to the usual hour with my other curlers !! 

I also have a little announcement to make ! Next month i am planning to dye my hair ginger ! I am a little bit scared but have wanted a big change for a while and don't think you can get a bigger change than this ! The only thing i am really worried about is what to do about my eyebrows because they are really dark ! My friend suggested just getting them thinner but i quite like my thick brows ! I am considering just getting them lightened but don't know much about it ! Has anyone had their lighted and can tell me what its like ??
Here is the kind of gingers i am thinking of
What do you think ??


  1. Looks great hun, thanks for the review, I have been looking for something like this for a while so may just purchase this! Great idea with the hair colour change too, will be nice for Autumn xx

  2. Good look with the ginger :D the last colour is lovely xx.

  3. My boyfriend bought me these for my birthday last week and i still haven't tried them yet! Look good though :)

  4. The conical wand looks amazing.
    I'm pondering (scuse the pun) getting my hair lightened to a more orangey red too, currently at a dark red with black streaks, go for it x

  5. Yay! come over to the red side! *beckons*
    I love having my hair ginger, I think it suits me far more than my natural non-descript mousy brown. regarding the eyebrows, you could always get an eyebrow or Kohl pencil in a red/ginger tone and colour in your brows so they're not over the top light/orange, but just slightly ginger toned? good luck though I think it will really suit you, and those curls are beautiful on you too!

    Sara x

  6. oh those curls are soooo cute!!! Big move to the ginger! How exciting! I've been thinking on going back to brunette, what do you think??

  7. I just discovered your blog and...go ginger! I did a little over a year ago and it looks good on everyone :D I think it looks a lot more natural than my dirty blonde hair.

    I can't really help with your brows, as mine are very light, but if I feel the need I darken them, I think that darker brows look good universally.

    Also, you're rocking the curls, I've been wanting to get one of the curling wands for awhile now and might have to!

  8. as a red head myself with thick black eyebrows, i keep my hair a darker shade of red, im in love with Revlon Colorsilk #48 BURGUNDY. the burgundry is beautiful and it has its red tones but it still has the dark rich chocolaty hues. i also really enjoy l'oreal feria #77 and l'oreal feria #66. u should try it, if u dont like it, just dye it back. but since u have long hair if you dye you hair you may need two boxes. i dye hair