Sunday, 4 September 2011

ootd - Last Day Of Summer

Dress, Leggings & Boots - Topshop,  Cardigan - Primark
Today is officially the last day of the summer holidays ! Whilst i am looking forward to going back to college tomorrow to see my friends and just generally have something to do ! I do not look forward to the stresses this college year brings :( things like the stress of applying for university,the interviews that will come with that and this year will be a lot of college work ! Hopefully our assignments will be good :)
Today i wore my LBD from Topshop and teamed it with my new cardigan from Primark which i love ! Its perfect for the coming winter as it is so comfortable and warm and i just love the colours ! It was also really cheap at only £15 when something similar in Topshop would cost around £50.
In my last post i mentioned my dilemma between two dresses from Evans ! Thanks to everyone who commented it was a really hard choice but when i got to the store they didn't have the second dress in stock so i just tried the first which was what i think i was swaying towards anyway but when i tried it on it was such an awkward fit ! it was really baggy on top but tight on my legs. And just didn't look right :( A few shops later however i found another dress that struck my fancy. A Maroon coloured dress from Miss Selfridge for just £28

What do you think ? 


  1. Good luck with your new colledge year I'm sure you'll do just fabulously and get exactly where youwant to go :) what a gorgeous outfit it suits you so well - the colour and style :)

    That marroon dress is just beautiful! I absolutely adore it :)


  2. The maroon dress is beautiful, that is a really key colour for this coming season so I say go for it! Love the other outfit too, the cardi from Primark is such a gorgeous print! I bought some new cardis in Primark the other day, they have some great new items in! xx

  3. LOVE THE CARDIGAN!! I have been looking for a bright patterned one like this but they're all so expensive! You literally find the best bargains! :P Shame about the dress you were gonna buy, but the one you found is gorgeous :D xxx

  4. Loving that cardi I never have any lucking Primark so very jel x

  5. love love love the cardigan! can't believe it's only Primark. that dress is very pretty x

  6. The maroon dress is beautiful - I seem to be going for that colour loads right now! The cardigan is so gorgeous too :)

    I know how you feel about starting back, i'm itching to start back at university because i'm so bored, but I know once I am back i'll be completely stressed out :(

    xo Samantha Grace

  7. That cardigan is amazing! Haven't seen it in any of my local Primarks - jealous!

    That Miss Selfridge dress is REALLY nice :)

  8. i agree with the above commenters: that cardigan SERIOUSLY ROCKS! wish we had primark over here :(
    thanks for your comment, its now one of my favourite movies! im in love with woody, i hoping to turn the bf to skin style - he's already got skinny jeans, im trying to convince him to get some clunky boots for winter!.. have you seen the series too? its a bit more soap opera-ish but not bad x

  9. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog :) I love your cardigan the colours add a great pop of colour to your LBD :) xx

  10. Love the Cardi... Great colors for fall and winter... The maroon dress rocks... you should really get it... Good luck in college girl... :)
    xoxo Sandy

  11. Oh the cardi! *goes to primark quick smart*

  12. and its days like this i wish primark had a website, its a lush cardi! (: xx