Sunday, 9 October 2011

Cheap & Chic !

I mentioned yesterday i was going to the Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair ! Well as i am a jobless student i convinced me dad to give me some money and whatever i get i would keep for christmas. As soon as i got there i got my hands on a gorgeous oversized Levi's denim jacket which doesn't look as great on photo's so maybe will have to wait for an ootd to post ! I also got a checked shirt and some odd jewellery bits and bobs. Just as i was about to leave ( due to my boyfriends boredom ) I went to have another quick look around and that is when i spotted the most amazing Moschino backpack !! I like so many others out there am in search of a Moschino belt ! But for now i will settle with my backpack :) Devastatingly though the women who sold me the backpack had sold two Moschino belts the week before !! And for only £15 !! 

Here is my bag what do you think ? Don't know how i will hold out till christmas without using it ! Also if anyone who has any tips on where to get a Moschino belt that isn't extremely expensive they would be extremely appreciated :) 


  1. :O Jealous! I'm looking for a Moschino belt too - ebay ones are really expensive though! I'd just recommend hunting through charity shops. The other day i found a Burberry skirt and Ralph Lauren shirts in a charity shop. There are some real treasures if you get really stuck in! That bag is gorgeous though :) x

  2. Oh what a shame about the belts! at least you've got that lush backpack, it's so timeless too and a great colour.

  3. great bag, what a find! Sucks about the belts, but that just means something is better waiting for you! ;)

    Olivia :) x
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