Saturday, 15 October 2011

ootd - Marmite

Dress - H&M, Jacket & Leggings &Boots - Topshop, Hairband - Primark 
This is what i wore today. It isn't a particularly daring outfit or indeed that special its just thrown together. I just wanted to do an outfit post with my new hair to show how it looks properly ! I also had my eyebrows lightened ! I tried to get it done at a salon but after phoning around nobody wanted to touch me and said they cannot lighten eyebrows ! After freaking out i youtubed eyebrow lightening and alot of girls on there had tutorials using cream bleach ( The stuff women use to bleach their top lip ) So i did that and i think they turned out ok ! My hair seems to be like Marmite ! People either really love it or they hate it and are trying to convince me to dye it ! I like it and after the initial shock of seeing orange hair in the mirror of a morning i am getting used to it. I went to my nans today my toughest critic and she loved it so that has made me want to keep it ! 
Hope you are all having a great weekend ! 
P.s Go see the new Footloose its amazing ! The old one is on tonight aswell on Film4 at 6.55 :) 


  1. You did really well with your eyebrows, I'd be way to scared to do mine, but then they are pretty pale already! I can't get over how great your hair is, I'm totally in love with it!

  2. I really love your hair, its so different that I just love it's impact x

  3. I really like the hair, I think it is really different and cool. Love your nail design too! xx

  4. Leopard nails are G O R G E O U S!!!!


  5. Wow, it's so bright! I think it really suits you x

  6. The hair colour is fantastic on you don't change it...I was orange for a while and loved it then went back brown and I miss the orange so much!!