Thursday, 31 March 2011

A Very Merry Unbirthday To Me !

Well it was my birthday last sunday, cannot believe nearly a week ago ! i turned 19 which seems really old to me even though everybody around me keeps telling me its not ! Anyway i thought id share with you my outfit i wore on my birthday night out i apologise for the picture as it was the only one took that night.
dress, earrings and necklace - topshop / nails -destiny nails and beauty on walton hall avenue
For my birthday i mainly got money which as usual got spent on clothes and dvds so here is a look at what i bought my favourite of which is my entire collection of The Munster's on dvd :D
1st picture tops- h&m pants-newlook /2nd picture top-topshop /3rd picture cardigan-newlook /4th picture-variety of dvds 
Aswell as money though i received the best present i truly believe i have ever got. My first car ( despite the fact i keep failing my driving test and still have not passed) a red beetle which i am naming Lennon after the actual Beatle :).
Check out my registration :D

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  1. LOVING THE BEATLE! I've always wanted one...but mine would have to be Ringo ;)

    Love your blog too by the way. Looking forward to reading more!