Sunday, 6 January 2013

Hello 2013

Hello everyone :) i know how much i have slacked on here the last few months but i have been deliberating quite a lot about the idea of starting a new blog as when i first started this i openly shared the links on my personal Facebook which has led to old school friends and just general people from my past reading this blog. Which sometimes i feel holds me back from truly writing what i want. So over the next few weeks i think i will be opening a new blog but am not sure wether i will carry this on as well or not. If i decide not to i will gladly give my new url to anyone who wants it :) 
Anyway on to nicer things ! My new years resolutions :) 

1. Take more photographs - I harassed my dad for a new camera for christmas and he came through ! I now own a dslr Sony A290 ! My main reason for wanting a camera is for my holiday in March ( New York, L.A and Las Vegas ) But i also want to take better pictures for my blog ! So hopefully will be getting to grips with things over the next week or so. 

2. Be more creative - Starting a very essay based university course has really made me miss my sketchbooks and drawing from college ! Therefore i want this year to be full of creative goodness. I have opened an Etsy and soon want to start making brooches and possibly hair bands to sell in it. I have also signed up to be apart of the 2013 Sketchbook Project . 

3. Be happy - I must admit i am a truly pessimistic person ! I cannot help it its just the way i am. But this year i really want to try and look on the bright side of life ( que Monty Python style whistling haha ) i am aware i am not going to become super positive over night but hopefully i will learn to be more balanced :) 

4. Read more - I seem to have an addiction to book buying ! Especially from Waterstones i seriously love that shop. The problem is i don't always read the books i buy and i just keep buying ! I think i have around 20 unread books in my room at this very moment ! So my resolution is to try and read all my already owned books before buying anymore. This sounds easier than it will be ! I am starting with a Life of Pi tomorrow :) 

5. Watch more new films - I have mentioned before on this blog that i love films but i really think that is probably an understatement ! I watch at least one film a day and on a good day probably about 3 or 4. I am a member of Netflix , Lovefilm, i have Sky Movies and i have an unlimited cinema pass which i use weekly. I also own over 100 dvds not to include my box sets so its safe to say i am slightly obsessed ! But asides from going to see new films at the cinema i tend to watch films i have seen before over trying new films. So this year i am going to try and watch as many new films as i can and also to write down every film i watch and add them up at the end of the year :) 

Do you have any resolutions ? 

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