Thursday, 27 March 2014

Blogging, Birthdays and Boys.

So this is the first time you've heard off me since January last year. 

So if your reading this your probably wondering why i am writing on here again. 

Well since leaving this blog i went on to write another two blogs both of which
I never felt the same passion for when i was writing them. 
I don't know why but i always in the back of my mind considered this blog to me my "proper" blog
and the other two just kind of got left at the waste side. 

Ive been considering coming back and blogging on here for a while but wasn't sure. 

After making my mind up i thought it would be fitting to wait until around the same time 
I had originally started the blog which was shortly after my 19th birthday ! 

Well here i am sat here on my day of birth 3 years later and i am glad to be back. 

So what has happened in my life since i left ?

I have a new boyfriend - Josh
I have a new job - medical receptionist ( its an apprenticeship )
I have changed my hair numerous times since i was last here
And i still have no real idea what I'm doing with my life :) 

Thats really all i have for now but i will be back soon blogging at a regular pace i hope :D 

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