Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year New Start !

So i have completely disappeared for the last few weeks mainly due to stress over college work and applying to university ( which i have finally done ! ) then the build up to christmas and then i felt more out of the loop so i thought it would be best to wait until the new year to get back into blogging.
Anyway i hope everyone had a brilliant christmas ! Me and my boyfriend went to my aunties house this year for christmas as we spent it with his family last year. I got everything i wanted and a few surprises.

I got a new blackberry and an ipod classic which i am so happy about because i sadly lost my old ipod shuffle recently. My auntie also got me a Vivienne Westwood drinking bottle as she knows how much i love Vivienne Westwood and that i had asked her for one of my cousins old drinking bottles to use in college. I was so surprised and i love it ! I also got loads of bath stuff and a beautiful Juicy Couture perfume ring which i will feature in another post and then just vouchers and of course a pair of creepers off my boyfriend :D. 

Shirt underneath - Topshop, Jumpers - Primark, Jeans - George Asda, Hairband & Creepers - Gifts, Earrings - Urban Outfitters. 
As i mentioned before i spent Christmas with my family so for New Year's Eve last night i spent it with my boyfriends family.We all went out for a meal in a very nice Chinese restaurant which me and my boyfriend both love. We had a really nice time and because it was a more casual occasion i wore my camel coloured jeans, i searched everywhere for a pair of jeans this colour and one day was doing a shop around Asda and spotted them ! i also bought them in a maroon which i think i have already featured on another post. I also wore a shirt jumper combo which i am loving at the moment i feel that i want a nice necklace to wear with this look in future. I then of course wore my new creepers which i am wearing with everything at the moment i love them so much ! 
I hope you all had a really lovely Christmas and a great New Year :D 


  1. You look GREAT, such a nice combination of colours in the outfit! If you wouldn't mind, could you send me an email to to tell me what brand and colour you used on your hair? I'm completely in love with your new dye!

  2. Love the outfit - I have a similar pair of jeans in the same colour from Zara - I could live in them they are so comfy!

    Best wishes for the new year, x

  3. Happy New Year Sweetie! So glad you had a lovely xmas! Missed your posts :) love your OOTD too them shoes are amazing :)


  4. i love your outfit & your hair is amazing! you are such a babe, happy new year! xx

  5. Happy new year chick.

    You're blog looks great.

    Please follow mine

    Claire xx

  6. Wow I love your dip dye hair,gorgeous colour,I did mine blue and it literally last barely a week :D
    Thanks so much for your comment,I hope your project is going well,I know what you mean,its so much work and it seems never ending.
    Wishing you all the best for 2012 x

  7. Beautiful outfit and lots of lovely presents.

    I really need to get myself a Blackberry!

    Lovely blog, i'm following