Saturday, 14 January 2012

ootd - 90's Obsession :)

Jacket - Versace for H&M, Blouse & Skirt - New Look, Tights - Primark, Boots & Headband - Topshop
Since i wore my Versace leggings the other day i have really wanted to finally wear my jacket out as well ! So today was the day ! I teamed it with a white blouse which i got for only £8 in the New Look sale ! one of the only sales i got anything from this year and my black skirt also from New Look. I had been searching for a black skirt for so long and as usual the day i wasn't looking i came across one :) I felt a bit like i was in school uniform in this outfit but i kind of like it :) I wore this for a quite pub lunch with the boyfriend :) And although i love this jacket it attracted a lot of very strange looks ! The jacket reminds me so much of something from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air ! Which is great because i am currently reliving my 90's childhood since my friend introduced me to @the90slife on twitter which is just full of funny film quotes and sayings from the 90's ! I also discovered that MTV is showing reruns of Daria ! Which was my all time favourite cartoon as a kid ! And in the spirit of cartoons i have decided to create a cartoon version of me for my new blog header ! I'm not 100% on it yet so let me know what you think !


  1. Love the hairband sweet :) Looking lovely! xx

  2. I wish I got my hands on that jacket!! Amazing!

    Jen xx

  3. Also, not sure if you do them, but i've added you to my list of blogger awards :)

    1. Thank you so much ! this really means a lot to me ! I have done blog awards in the past but i feel like because i did quite a few i am going to leave it a while before i post another :) Thank you so much though !

  4. you look so cute and chirpy! ^^<3 love the outfit!
    and love daria! i soo wanna watch it again. ^^d *memories*

  5. Brave girl I love how you're so bold with your fashion choices :) truly inspiring. Skirt is gorgeous!


  6. omg it's totally Fresh Prince of Bel Air like!!1 Very cool :)

  7. I wasent a big fan of the Versace H&M stuff but this jacket looks wonderful on you! :)

    Annest X