Sunday, 19 February 2012

A Little Something Different !

Hi everyone :) So i mentioned last time how busy i have been with many things one of those including college work ! So i thought i would let you all have a look at some odd snaps from my latest sketchbook ! My project was called Sea Odyssey and we could do anything related to the sea ! I chose to do lost objects found in the sea :)
Here are some photos

Textile Samples :) 

Design ideas 
So there it is :) Only a few bits but it shows the style of my sketchbook :) 
My next project is my final major project where we all are able to pick out own theme ! 
I have chosen to do my own life as my theme :) I am going to draw things around me and what i do on a day to day basis ! 
Let me know if this is something you would like to see more of or not :)


  1. I love seeing peoples sketchbook pages! I really like the colours in the first few pages and I love the shark lady :D

  2. Lovely Pages! i like your visual communication!! My works always to neat and tidy. Follow me back ;) xxxxx