Wednesday, 15 February 2012

ootd - Gene's :)

Tshirt - Pulp, Jeans - George @ Asda, Shoes - Converse, Headband - Topshop

Helloo everyone ! I am officially the worst blogger in the world i have been missing for so long ! So here is what has been happening in my life since i have been gone 
* I have restarted my driving lessons ! And after failing my test 4 times this is a big step ! Hopefully the next time i will pass as my poor little beetle is being unused :( 
* I have officially accepted an offer from Manchester Metropolitan University ! To study International Fashion Marketing ! Its soo exciting i still don't feel old enough for university ( Although i am 20 next month! :/ )
* My auntie lives in Singapore and is flying me and my little cousin out there for 2 weeks ! In march ! Actually we fly the day after my birthday :) 

Thats basically all the big stuff ! So my outfit in the picture is from monday and i wore it to go to my boyfriends house, we planned on going the cinema but i recently signed up for LoveFilm so we stayed in and watched the Hangover instead :) I absolutely love my T-shirt i have on ! When i saw it, it was one of those i have to have this moments ! And the women's was all sold out so mine is the mens version but i don't think you can tell ! I'm also wearing my Asda jeans which i love the colour of and think goes really well with my gene top ! And to complete my rock chick vibe i threw on probably the oldest shoes i own ! My trusty black converse which i have had since i was 14 ! 
Hope everyone is well :) I will try and catch up on all the blogging i have missed out on :) 


  1. You look so cute & rockin! ^^v
    Love the jeans! Colour is just what
    I`ve been looking for meself too. ^^d
    Congrats for the uni and good luck with driving lessons! Singapore will be awesome too!!! ^^d
    Always wanted to go.
    Have a great day! MMxoxo

  2. That is such a statement Tee, and you rock those jeans they are lovely! Good luck with your driving, i'm 25 and have never even attempted to drive so you're doing better then me! The husband wants to try and teach me once it gets warmer but i'm not too keen. Maybe I need to bite the bullet?!