Sunday, 10 July 2011

Home Sweet Home

home from turkey. I had a really great time and met some really lovely people. Whilst there i took quite a few outfit photo's so here they are...
These are the first set of outfit pictures i took.
 *Outfit 1 the top was from primark and i really love the colour of it it goes with quite a few things and is a really nice material, think i might go back and get the black version as well. The pants i actually bought in the market in turkey i got another pair as well but the pattern is pretty much the same just different colours. the sandals are also primark but from about three years ago and the hairband is topshop.

*Outfit 2 is from a local shop in liverpool called crucial and is my boyfriends favourite of my holiday outfits, i really the pattern on this dress and its also just the right length to wear with sandals. the hairband is from topshop again .

*Outfit 3 the top is from topshop and i really love this as they had a large selection of them when i got it which was last year but every time i went in they where sold out and i remember seeing the leopard print one online but not in my size and i had a look in town just in case and they had it with one left in my size ! i no some people where this as a dress but it is far too short on me to do this so i just pared it with some black leggings also from topshop and a pair of leopard print ballet shoes from the asda and a black hair band from accessorize. 

*Outfit 4 is one of my favourite outfits i wore on holiday, the whole outfit is from primark but the skirt was in the limited collection range. i really love this skirt especially the colour. Its such a simple outfit and made me feel really good when i wore it. 

The second set of pictures
* Outfit 1 is that purple top again from primark and my shorts i have posted about before from forever 21, my sandals are from primark and my hairband from h&m. I love this outfit but saved it for near the end of my holiday so i had a bit of a tan, i really love these shorts as they are so comfortable and summery. 

* Outfit 2 my dress is from new look from about 3 years ago, it is one of favourite dress as every time i wear it people compliment on how nice it is, the best thing about this dress is that i got it in the sale for only £8 and its one of the best going out dresses i own, my sandals are from primark and feature on numerous pictures as they go with most things and are really comfortable, and the bow in my hair is a hairband from h&m again. 

*Outfit 3 is the dress i posted about that i wore to the christening and i no its the same outfit but i felt i should put this picture up as you can see how sheer the bottom on the dress is on this a posed to the other pictures i have posted of it. 

*Outfit 4 my dress is from topshop and i really loved this dress i had searched for a dungaree dress for a while and none seemed to be what i wanted till i seen this, sadly on the way home the buckle on one side of the dungaree dress snapped ! and i am taking it back to topshop tomorrow hoping to get another or a refund although i don't have my receipt :( , my top is a body from primark in the sale also :) and my leggings are topshop and shoes are converse my favourite pair ! i bought them in an outlet shop in america and have never seen anybody else with them ! they are rainbow sequins and the best part is the inside is silk so they are extra comfortable. 

Saved the best till last 
* Outfit 1 is a purple dress i got from h&m whilst i was in america it my favourite holiday dress that i own i love the colour and all the detailing around the neck. The only problem with this dress is that i find i can only wear it on holiday as it doesn't look right with heels to go out in and its never sunny enough to wear as a day dress over here :( Sandals again from primark. 

* Outfit 2 again my purple top from primark and hairband from h&m, my pants are made by a dressmaker in liverpool who i have bought a few things from including my 18th birthday dress and a beautiful red winter coat which no doubt i will post about once the weather takes a turn for the worst. These pants are one of my favourite items i have they are just so vibrant and comfortable and really well made. The dress maker is tanya maxwell and she has her own Facebook if you search thirteen by tanya maxwell you will find her i will try and find her proper url and link it here but she is really talented and makes some really wonderful clothes ! 


  1. ah you had some lovely outfits xxxx

  2. wow u looked amazing on holiday - i always looked a mess!

  3. Wow, you certainly took a lovely mix of things with you! I love going holiday shopping! Wish I were going on holiday this year!

  4. You look super fab! WOW!!!! i LOVE PURPLE THE DRESS!