Friday, 22 July 2011

Topshop Swap

I mentioned a few posts ago that a dungaree dress i had only recently bought from Topshop had broken on me !
Well i took it back and despite having the receipt they agreed that i could have the money put on a giftcard !
So after a little nose around i found some goodies ! 
I found this dinosaur T-shirt by tee and cake which i really love ! its been a long time since i bought a T-shirt, ( after buying this i then found myself buying another in h&m minutes later ! ) I plan on wearing this with my black maxi skirt for a casual day look or just with jeans and converse. 
Im not really into accessories such as necklaces and bracelets but i adore anything for your hair ! And thought this was lovely and a great bargain at £1.50 a price that would rival even Primark ! 
I also got this hairband which was also a bargain at only £2.50 ! just before finding this i picked up a near identical hairband (the only difference being the chain was all black not neon) which i was willing to buy for £12.50 ! but after stumbling across near the exact same hairband for a fraction of the price i picked this instead ! As you can see the neon isn't even that noticeable once you are wearing it ! 

And even after all this i still have £10 on my gift card ! 


  1. I love the headband! I've been looking for one! (:

  2. Cool stuff!

  3. love the headband with the feather's, looks really preety in the hair :)


  4. I love this dinosaur tee! I am going to have a look this weekend for it in my local Topshop! Fingers crossed!

  5. oooh. clever idea with the headband.