Saturday, 30 July 2011

ootd - Back to Black

I can happily class myself as a summer grinch ! i just cannot wait for the winter and as yesterday was not that sunny i took full advantage and put on my favourite winter dress ! My dress is Beth Ditto for Evans from last winter. This is one of my favourite dresses because it has everything i love ,a nice print and a peter pan collar and shorter sleeves i hate feeling restricted in long sleeves. This dress also represents the first piece of clothing that i bought at a solely plus size store. I put it of for a long time because i felt by doing so i myself was labelling me as "fat". After finally realising that it doesn't matter if i am "fat" i am still a person and deserve to have the clothes that i want ! I was so lucky to eventually get it as when i did get the courage to go in the store it was all sold out but luckily i got the last one of my size online. Since then i have ventured into Evans many more times and although i am not completely comfortable with my body i am slowly learning to be and a lot of this is down to the wonderful body acceptance blogs that i have found online. 
My shoes are from Topshop and tights george Asda. My necklace is Topshop but a tassel fell off :( 
and my bag is from Vivienne Westwood which i bought before my birthday ! 


  1. All i could look at was that gorgeous Vivienne Westwood bag lol. I'm in love with that brand. I also liked the dress a lot.

  2. Your body is gorgeous! You've got great style and obviously know what works on you and it realy shows :) love this dress it's so vintage/retro chic :) I can't wait for winter fashion either I might moan about the cold but I bloody love the clothes :p


  3. loving the dress sweetie, i love large polka dots and this really suits you. Your shoes are pretty lush, you should always have confidence sweetie you are beautiful. hopefully your blog will give you confidence :) xxxx

  4. ooohh you look smokin in that dress!
    I'm the same about winter too, I love my tights and stockings!