Wednesday, 6 June 2012

90's Inspiration

I just can't get enough of grunge/witchy 90's style clothes lately ! I am going shopping this weekend and hopefully picking up all the bits from above :) Im loving the midi dress trend right now as well ! I'm wanting to wear them with tights, boots and lots of cross necklaces.

Tie Dye Dress - This is £28 from Asos and i am completely in love with it ! Its going to get me through the summer and last into winter. I have been dying to get my hands on some tie dye but sometimes i find it looks a bit cheap but i love the kind of ombre effect of this dress.I only hope this hasn't sold out by the time i get my money to buy it !

Black Lace Dress - This dress is from River Island and is £35. I really love this dress it reminds me of all things witchy and would easily fit in with the clothes in The Craft. It also comes in a pale blue and a kind of maroon red. I am kind of torn between the red and the black but i think the black will go with more. Because its summer i'd brighten it up with a lana del ray style flower crown :)

Dr Martens - These Dr Martens are truly the holy grail for me !They are vintage from the 90's and appear on eBay now and again but go for a ridiculous amount ! I'm currently watching a pair which aren't beyond my budget (yet ). So fingers crossed i will finally get my dream Dr's.

Crown - This is another " top knot accessory " again from Topshop ! I really love these at the moment as when i cannot be bothered doing something with my hair i can just through it up into a bun and put one of these in and it still looks like i have put effort in :) I have a huge thing for crosses right now and lets face it who doesn't want to wear a crown ?

Do you like the 90's look ? or is it just not summery enough for you ?


  1. i love the craft the scene where they et off the bus is my favourite! i love the 90's style on others but its not on me i prefer patterned summer dresses and little pumps i love the dr martins though! xx

  2. Omg just dyyying over this whole post! My absolute FAVOURITE inspriation era! So beautiful.